Named Brazilian Army Commander, General Tomás takes command of the CMSENamed Brazilian Army Commander, General Tomás takes command of the CMSE

São Paulo (SP) – Named Commander of the Army, Army General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva passed the command of the Southeast Military Command (CMSE) to the Commander of the 2nd Military Region, Division General Pedro Celso Coelho Montenegro, who assumes the position on an interim basis.

The ceremony took place this Wednesday (25), in the Integrated Headquarters, with the presence of the General Officers of the Army High Command and of former military commanders of the Southeast, such as Army General Francisco Roberto de Albuquerque and Army General João Camilo Pires de Campos.

The ceremony began with the inauguration of General Tomás’ portrait in the Military Commanders of the Southeast gallery. Afterwards, those present went to the Cultural Space, where General Tomás said his farewells and, afterwards, handed over the post to General Montenegro.

New Army Commander

Born in São Paulo (SP), General Tomás joined the Army on March 3, 1975, at the Army Cadets Preparatory School. He was declared an Officer Aspirant of the Infantry Weapon on December 12, 1981, and rose to his current rank on July 31, 2019.

Among the General’s prominent positions are: Commander of the Presidential Guard Battalion, of the Corps of Cadets of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, of the Army Cadet Preparatory School, of the 2nd Subchief of the Land Operations Command, of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade, of the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, of the Army Commander’s Office, and of the 5th Army Division. He was also Chief of the Army Department of Education and Culture.

General Tomás was in charge of the CMSE for 1 year and 9 months.

Acting Southeast Military Commander

General Montenegro assumed the command of the 2nd Military Region on December 15th last year. Before that, he held the position of Director of Manpower and Movements Control.

Born in Três Corações (MG), General Montenegro joined the ranks of the Brazilian Army on February 25, 1984, at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Black Needles Military Academy), was declared Infantry Officer Aspirant on December 12, 1987, and was promoted to his current rank on March 31, 2021.

The acting Southeast Military Commander commanded the 3rd Motorized Infantry Brigade and the Parachute Infantry Brigade. He also served as Chief of Staff of the Army.

Southeast Military Command

With an expeditionary vocation, the CMSE is one of the eight Area Commands of the Brazilian Army. It is a united institution, with a strong sense of belonging among its members and sustained by its values, ethics and historical traditions.

Through command action and the full exercise of leadership at all levels, the Brazilian Army maintains a high corps spirit, bringing together active and veteran military personnel, and allowing for the fulfillment of its constitutional missions in a synergetic and effective manner.

Source: Military Command of the Southeast *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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