Motorola Solutions Introduces Field-Based Mobile InnovationsMotorola Solutions Introduces Field-Based Mobile Innovations

The company presented this and other innovations during IACP 2022

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) announced at IACP, the International Association of Chiefs of Police event, its technology innovations for public safety to support law enforcement in making better, safer decisions with a mobile-first approach.

New features include the first public safety app for Apple CarPlay to transform field operations and the integration of video footage from drones and robots for emergency response into CommandCentral Aware. The solutions bring video and information from a variety of field devices to a single dashboard in the command center and gives agencies the situational awareness and information they need to carry out their missions more safely and efficiently.

“Our innovation is driven by the need to help officers in the field better understand complex threats,” says Mahesh Saptharishi, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions. “We believe officers need to be able to manage any incident from the field, which means bringing insights from all public safety systems and sharing critical information through a network that connects people and vehicles.”

Incident Management for Apple CarPlay

Incident Management for Apple CarPlay connects officers to police systems, in conjunction with in-vehicle cameras and license plate recognition systems, allowing them to directly access critical incident details and manage operational workflows from their fully connected vehicles. Officers behind the wheel can use voice control capabilities for safer operation while staying focused on traffic.

Features include viewing incident maps and unit locations, reviewing incident details, auto-assignment to incidents, status updates, advance notification of navigation, and making calls to other units. The solution is compatible with native vehicle touch screens, eliminating the need to install mobile data terminals. Motorola Solutions worked with Western Australia Police to launch the solution in March of this year with more than 6,000 officers responding to about 84,000 incidents per month.

“The app for Apple CarPlay that we developed with Motorola Solutions has been transformative for our agency as our officers can now rely daily on intuitive technology for critical and essential information,” explains Col Blanch, Western Australia Police Commissioner. “It allows our officers to manage incident response and reporting quickly and efficiently in their own vehicles, rather than the station, so they can perform longer in the field. This commitment to innovation puts service to the community and officer safety first.”

Integration of New Video Streaming Sources

CommandCentral Aware serves as Motorola Solutions’ connected agency hub and unifies all real-time data and video streams into a secure operational view, bringing critical insights that can be shared with officers in the field. Data from mobile systems operating in the field is sent to the CommandCentral platform, where records and evidence are centralized for analysis, investigations and case preparation. New CommandCentral Aware integrations include radio, body cameras, in-vehicle video systems, license plate recognition, and live information from drones and robots to enhance the user experience through wearable technology. These include:

● Flight and video control software: With CAPE software drones provide agencies with essential, real-time information about situations, from fleeing cars to footage of a natural disaster, so officers arrive more prepared.

● Robot to scan hazardous areas: ReadySight is a small, low-cost robot from Company Six, integrated exclusively with Motorola Solutions software. It can traverse various types of terrain and obstacles to provide situational awareness through real-time video and audio communication in hazardous areas.

● Ground Drone: Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60 Q-UGV easily navigates through a wide variety of unstructured urban and natural environments. It is an agile robot with mechanical legs and medium size, all-weather ready with a mission to enhance the safety of human officers and K9 agents (dogs).

● Assisted Reality (aR) with Realwear’s Navigator 500: Provides a “hands-free” experience. This handheld tablet displays real-time video and situational information, allowing responders to passively monitor an incident in their peripheral vision while performing other tasks.

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