Dígitro presents a panel on technologies in police investigation during the XI Seminar of the Civil Police of Rio Grande do SulDígitro presents a panel on technologies in police investigation during the XI Seminar of the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul

In partnership with Kenta, the company presents solutions for taking statements and focus on productivity in a Justice and Security organ

Dígitro Technology is taking part in the XI Seminar of the Civil Police¹ of Rio Grande do Sul, which will take place on November 17 and 18, in Bento Gonçalves, in Serra Gaúcha. During the event, solutions of new technologies applied to criminal investigation will be presented to the public. The exhibition takes place in view of the business and technology synergies resulting from a strategic alliance with Kenta, market leader in recording and managing audio, video and text.

Dígitro and Kenta will present a wide and complementary portfolio that covers from the taking of statements at police stations, to hearings and hearings covering the entire Judiciary, internal affairs and auditing, interagency integrated operations, analysis and generation of intelligence and investigation, focusing on the ease of use and productivity of a wide range of police operations and judicial processes. In addition, there will be software demonstration and presentation focusing on the technological challenges for Public Security in the context of knowledge extraction. There will also be an invitation for workshops on the use and solution of challenges using Dígitro’s technologies.

The event is promoted by the head of the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul. Dígitro’s Strategic Intelligence advisor, Humberto de Sá Garay, will give a talk within the panel “Useful Technological Tools for Police Investigation” about the Data Commons and its impact on intelligence and digital forensics. The panel will count with other technology companies that work in the public security market.

Dígitro is a national leader in technologies aimed at the Public Security area, focusing on Defense and Intelligence. As a Strategic Defense Company (EED) certified by the Ministry of Defense, it meets mandatory requirements with certification that ensures national sovereignty and action to develop solutions for the Public Security and Defense of the country.

¹In Brazil there are two types of Police: Civil Police and Military Police – Policia Civil: The professionals who work in this institution focus on solving crimes after they are registered. In other words, the Civil Police already know what kind of crime they are working with. This is completely different from the Military Police, which acts on urgent observation, preventing the crime from happening.

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