Meeting of Deputy Command Sergeants discusses the career of sergeants in the Brazilian ArmyMeeting of Deputy Command Sergeants discusses the career of sergeants in the Brazilian Army

Brasília (DF) – On Monday, April 1, the 15th Meeting of the Army High Command’s Deputies was opened at Army Headquarters. The meeting brought together the deputies of the Area Military Commands and various bodies of the Army High Command. Held annually, the meeting aims to discuss aspects of the career of Army sergeants and the activities of the deputy commanders. The event will run until Wednesday 3.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Army Commander, General Tomás, and the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Soares. According to the Deputy Commandant of the Army Commander, Lieutenant Siston, the meeting basically has two objectives. “We intend to discuss career issues in order to present insights that can be used in decision-making processes. The other intention is to raise actions that the deputy commanders can take with the sergeants to strengthen the importance of leadership, the link between the command and the troops, the chain of command, hierarchy and discipline.”

The program includes a talk by the Army’s Director of Personnel Assistance, General Queiroz. “On this occasion, we’re going to talk about the Army’s social assistance, an area of great importance for the deputy commander, especially in the troops. It’s essential to involve the sergeant, to get to know the subordinate’s problem and to learn about the products available from social assistance to assist our personnel in times of difficulty,” said Sergeant Siston.

The meeting will also include an exchange with the Chief Petty Officer of the Brazilian Navy and the Master Chief of the Brazilian Air Force, both of whom are deputy commanders in the Army. These soldiers will exchange experiences and perceptions about the duties of each activity in their institutions.

Deputy Commandant

The Deputy Commandant is a military officer with the rank of First Sergeant or Sub-Lieutenant with outstanding leadership, recognized professional competence and unblemished personal conduct. They are responsible for representing officers in the management of military organizations, as well as dealing with issues related to morale, well-being, professional satisfaction, career, motivation, discipline and support for the military family.

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