Meet the members of the Yanomami OperationMeet the members of the Yanomami Operation

They develop various occupations in FAB missions

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Marize Torres

They are present in various functions and specialties in the missions of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). They are aviators, flight controllers, musician, mechanics, photographers, doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, journalists, among other assignments. FAB military women are increasingly present in various occupations. In the Yanomami Operation, for example, they help both in the care of the indigenous population and in the construction of the Field Hospital (HCAMP) set up by the Air Force in Boa Vista (RR). This is the case of the Commander of HCAMP, Medical Major Juliana Freire Vandesteen,

“The challenges are many, but the result will always pay off. As soon as we got here, we identified the need for priority care for children. That’s why, in parallel to setting up HCAMP, we separated pediatricians and a gynecologist to provide care for pregnant women, taking advantage of the structure already set up by Operation Welcome,” she explained.

Pediatrician Juliana Mattos do Amaral Tavares reports that the experience was one of the most remarkable of her career. “It is a very different situation from what we are used to living in on a daily basis. These are people with serious diseases, like malaria and pneumonia. It has been very moving,” she said.

For Lieutenant Gynecologist Larissa Cardoso Alvim Lima, the experience also made possible a cultural exchange never before experienced in her professional career. “The services were a learning experience about the indigenous culture, their health care needs, and the particularities of each ethnic group,” she said.

Pilot from the Second Squadron of the Tenth Aviation Group (2º/10º GAV) – Pelican Squadron, Air Lieutenant Laura Cabral Cruz Lopes da Silveira expressed her feelings of satisfaction in participating in the mission. “It is very gratifying to participate in the Operation because we see the happiness of those we help, because we are here to serve. At the same time, it is a mission that teaches us a lot operationally; we work with the limits of the aircraft, we land in confined and restricted areas, and with a lot of weight. We work in a hazardous area. So everything helps us grow as citizens and as military personnel,” said the officer, who flies the helicopter H-60L Black Hawk, assisting in the delivery of food baskets, aeromedical evacuations, among other services.

In charge of the FAB HCAMP, Nurse Sergeant Letícia Costa worked on the logistical planning, administration and doctrine of the graduates in the mission. In addition, she also provided care in the Kululu Village, in the region. “I feel proud to be part of the health corps of the Brazilian Air Force and to be able to exercise my profession through the Field Hospital and help those who need it most,” she concluded.

Currently, the FAB has 14,206 military women. There are 4,781 officers, 8,538 graduates and 75 female aviators, among others. Periodically, there is a selection process for entry into the Air Force that includes female professionals from various areas.


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