FAB launches video allusive to International Women's DayFAB launches video allusive to International Women's Day

For more than 40 years, the Institution has included women in its personnel

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Marize Torres

Force of Mankind. More than a century ago, March 8th became International Women’s Day and became a reason to celebrate important changes regarding the advances and recognition of women in several sectors of society.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) recognizes the merit of women’s professional trajectory, skills and capabilities. The female presence in the FAB has occurred since the Second World War, when, in July 1944, six nurses joined the Air Force Reserve Nurses Board.

As of 1982, the Institution began to incorporate women into its workforce, which today consists of 14,206 military women.

This year, FAB prepared a video highlighting the routine of military women acting in various functions. Qualified, they are aviators, flight controllers, mechanics, doctors, among other various professionals.

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