Material Management provides training on standardization of chassis maintenance and fleet management in VBTP-MSR 6x6 Guarani

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – From July 11 to 29, the Material Directorate (D Mat) held, at the Central Maintenance and Supply Battalion (BCMS), the Standardization of Chassis Maintenance Activities and Management of the VBTP-MSR 6×6 Guarani Fleet internship.

The objective of the internship was to standardize the processes related to the preventive maintenance of the VBTP MSR 6X6 Guarani’s Chassis and collaborate to increase the availability, reliability, and life cycle of the material.

During the training period, 17 lowered vehicles were collected, 8 of which were maintained by the trainees.

Military personnel from the Armored Training Center, 3rd Logistics Battalion, 9th Logistics Battalion, 10th Logistics Battalion, 15th Logistics Battalion, 16th Logistics Battalion, 28th Logistics Battalion, 15th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Maintenance and Armament Supply Battalion, Logistics Sergeants School, and military personnel from the BCMS participated in the training course.

Source: Central Maintenance and Supply Battalion

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