Learn about the best-selling Taurus weapon models in the worldLearn about the best-selling Taurus weapon models in the world

The number of active gun registrations of hunters, sport shooters and collectors (CACs) grew 473.6% in Brazil between 2018 and 2022. In this market that has been growing in recent years, Taurus occupies a prominent place not only as the largest manufacturer of firearms in Brazil, but also the global leader in small arms sales and the brand most imported by the United States (the largest and most competitive market in the world). Besides being one of the largest suppliers of weapons to the defense and public safety sector.

With 82 years of history, the company is a world reference in its segment, mainly as a result of the strong investment in Innovation and R&D (Research and Development), led by CITE – the Brazil-United States Integrated Engineering and Technology Center, which has provided agility in the development of innovative and quality products, always focusing on the consumers’ desires, at low cost and in line with the most advanced technological solutions.

The world’s first graphene gun, the GX4 Graphene, is an example of this. With its recent launch, Taurus started the third generation of pistols, a technology developed in Brazil for the rest of the world. The novelty is another great sales success for Taurus and, in just two days, the model sold out in most stores, causing store owners to have to reinforce their orders to replenish their stocks.

Like this one, other products from Taurus’ complete portfolio, comprising revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, carbines, rifles and shotguns, are among the most preferred in the civil, military and police markets in Brazil and in more than 100 countries.

Check below some of the best-selling Taurus weapons models in the world:

Pistol segment

G2 series pistol 9mm

The Taurus G2 series pistol, caliber 9mm, is the best-selling gun in the world, in Brazil, and preferred by Americans. Taurus has sold more than 2.7 million units of the G2 and G2c (compact version) worldwide.

It is an ergonomic pistol, light and ready for use. Weighing approximately 600 grams, with a high-strength polymer frame and a firing pin system, it is the ideal weapon for concealed carry and ready employment, and is also an excellent alternative for use as a backup weapon.

G3 9mm Pistol

The Taurus G3 pistol enjoys great national and international recognition, with over 1 million units sold worldwide (considering the traditional G3 version and the compact G3c).

Soon after its launch in the USA, it was highlighted in the North American specialized media. The G3 was chosen as “Full Size Best Buy” by the prestigious American specialized magazine GUNS & AMMO.

The G3 family was designed with the 3rd generation trigger, with a flatter profile, smoother triggering, and crisper, cleaner disarming. Developed from the renowned G2 platform, the series has a Tenox finish on the bolt and front grooves for better operation. In addition, its keys have an anti-friction coating.

Pistol TS9 9mm

The words that define the TS9 pistol are innovation, reliability, safety and precision. The gun has a striker-fired action system, a mechanism with the exclusive double trigger lock (trigger lock and manual lock), firing mechanism and drop lock, which together with the firing mechanism and innovative design, ensure practicality of ready use and ease of maintenance.

The exclusive design of the TAURUS TS pistol was developed in compliance with the most rigorous quality and safety standards required by the most qualified police officers in the world.

The TS series weapons have an efficient sealing system against dust, sand, and mud, and are ideal for use in special forces under extreme conditions.

It is also a weapon suitable for sporting use. In fact, in the Pan American Handgun Championship VIII, which took place in Frostproof, Florida (USA), between September 14 and 21, the experienced sport shooters Alex Chang, Eurico Auler, and Tamara Auler took Brazil to the podium, presenting excellent performances with the Taurus TS9 pistol.

In Production Optics Light, Senior category, Alex Chang was the Pan-American champion with the perfect score, that is, 100/100, and Eurico Auler was the vice-champion with a score of 94.04/100. Tamara Auler won 2nd place in Production Optics, Ladies category by team, along with shooters Dália Amorim, Amanda Marques and Eduarda Araujo Nunes, being the only competitor with a polymer pistol in the division.

Revolvers segment

RT 410

The revolver 410, 36 GA caliber, is a classic from Taurus. It has a fixed vertex and fiber optic mass. With high gloss stainless steel finishing, it is produced with 6 ½” and 3″ barrels, both with 5 shots.

With capacity to use a wide range of 36 caliber rifle cartridges, this weapon is recommended for short distances and personal defense. It is also widely used for pest control and small game hunting, in places where the practice is legalized.

Taurus has already sold more than 287 thousand units of the RT 410.

RT 856

The Taurus 856 caliber .38 SPL revolver is a hit among customers and experts. Major North American gun web sites, including The Truth About Guns, Shoot On and Gunmag.com, have published reviews extolling the gun’s qualities and advantages. There are several reasons why this revolver is one of the brand’s best sellers in recent years, with more than 286,000 units sold.

It is a perfect weapon for concealed carry and defense. It has an intermediate size, a double action system, and an anatomic rubber grip that makes it comfortable to use.

Taurus introduced one of the true innovations in revolvers a few years ago and the RT 856 is a variation of the popular five-shot 85 model, but in a six-shot, lightweight version weighing only 680 grams, offering one more shot without the consumer needing a larger, heavier revolver.

Long-Gun Segment

T4 Assault Rifle

The T4 Assault Rifle is widely used by several police, military and security institutions in Brazilian states and around the world, especially by NATO member countries, for being considered an extremely reliable, light, easy to use and maintain weapon.

Besides marketing the renowned 5.56 NATO caliber version, Taurus recently launched a new model to the market, the Assault Rifle T4 300 MLOK in .300 Blackout caliber. The novelty is a semi-automatic weapon, with a 30-round magazine in polymer or steel. Among the main differentials, the versatile caliber and the ergonomic, modular, and configurable weapon, with different barrel sizes for particular applications, stand out. Initially, the weapon is available for sale in two models: with a 9-inch or 16-inch barrel.

The version with a shorter barrel (9 inches), which makes the equipment compact, is ideal for raid operations, providing easy handling and transport in vehicles and in closed and confined environments, especially in cities, which require a barrel compatible with mobility within the urban perimeter, an indispensable factor for the effectiveness of operational teams. The version with a larger barrel (16 inches), on the other hand, is recommended for open environments and precision shooting, where it presents an excellent performance with better terminal ballistics on distant targets, with an effective range of up to 250 meters.

Another differential is that the .300 Blackout T4 Assault Rifle comes standard with the modern MLOK (Modular Lock) handguard, which offers the user greater comfort, as well as allowing the installation of optical kits, telescopes, and the most diverse accessories available on the market. These versions also come with flip-up sights and ambidextrous shooting selector.

In addition, the .300 Blackout caliber ammunition is efficient, compact, and with high impact power. The energy of this caliber is similar to that developed by the 7.62×39 caliber, and brings enormous advantages in terms of capacity, weight, and carrying volume, making it ideal for special operations, sport shooting, and hunting units. The .300 Blackout caliber is compatible with the entire line of accessories of the T4 platform, and even uses the same magazines.

Taurus also intends to launch another great novelty this year, the T10 rifle in a version developed especially for hunting and sport shooting. The T10 in .308 Win/7.62×51 caliber in the Lightweight Precision version is the lightest in the market in this configuration, with only 3.8 kg and 20-inch barrel in 416R stainless steel (special steel used in precision barrels).

It has a fully adjustable stock (length and height), a flat-faced, double-stage adjustable-weight trigger mechanism, and mechanism components coated in nickel chemical, providing greater durability and shooting sensitivity. In addition, it has Upper, Lower and MLOK handguard with Cerakote® coating and will be supplied with two magazines with 20-shot capacity and one with 10-shot capacity.

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