Joint Exercise Shield-Tinia 2022 closes with 1,500 flight hoursJoint Exercise Shield-Tinia 2022 closes with 1,500 flight hours

Training involved more than 50 aircraft and about 800 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army and the Brazilian Air Force units distributed throughout the country

Air Force Agency, Lieutenant Wanessa Liz and Major Oliveira Lima

To train Air Units in the performance of Air Force actions in a tactical, fictitious, dynamic and complex scenario, with an objective to be achieved: defend the sovereignty of the airspace and attack the enemy territory, in a simulation of conventional warfare. This was the context of the Joint Exercise (EXCON) Shield-Tinia 2022, which came to an end this Friday (11/25).

The air and ground activities took place in the Canoas (BACO) and Santa Maria (BASM) Air Bases, as well as in the cities of Santana da Boa Vista and Caçapava do Sul (RS). With 1,500 flight hours, EXCON Escudo-Tínia 2022 counted with the participation of more than 800 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy (MB), Brazilian Army (EB) and from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) distributed throughout the country, and with more than 50 aircraft from the Fighter, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IVR), Rotary Wing and Transport Aviation Aviation.

Another aspect of the exercise was the real-time monitoring of air combat, the so-called showtime, in which the military evaluated each action of the pilots in flight and defined the progress of the missions. In-flight refueling was also trained during the exercise. The KC-130 Hercules and the KC-390 from the Gordo Squadron carried out missions to refuel the F5 aircraft.

Air Traffic Control

The coordination of Airspace Control at EXCON Escudo-Tínia 2022 was under the responsibility of the First Communications and Control Group (1º GCC), a Unit subordinated to the Airspace Control Department (DECEA) and the Second Squadron of the First Communications and Control Group (2º/1º GCC) – Spider Squadron, located in BACO, with support from the First Squadron of the First Communications and Control Group (1º/1st GCC), located in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and the Fourth Squadron of the First Communications and Control Group (4º/1º GCC) – Mangrulho Squadron, located at BASM. 

With the objective of consolidating the doctrine of composite air missions through training and military air employment in joint actions, the EXCON Shield-Tinia 2022 counted on a complex telecommunications infrastructure, and with great planning and training of participants from several multidisciplinary specialties. 

Besides the structure, the 1st GCC has the TPS-B34 Air Defense Radar, which has as its main differential being three-dimensional, transportable and with an enormous capacity for electronic warfare. The E-99 radar planes also performed traffic control during the fighter missions.

Operation Shield employs anti-aircraft defense

During the execution of EXCON Shield-Tinia 2022, the Air Defense mission training took place. The training involved aircraft and missiles for defense of sensitive surface points and zones, of land or naval forces, interdiction of a conditioned airspace or in a combat zone. Air Defense is also important in a country’s defense strategy. It requires full integration with various command and control systems and constant training due to its peculiarities and complexity.

With the focus on training the country’s anti-aircraft in a simulated war scenario, several anti-aircraft artillery fractions were employed in the training, in terrain in the cities of Santana da Boa Vista and Caçapava do Sul (RS).


The Commander of the Preparedness Command (COMPREP), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Sergio Roberto de Almeida, spoke about the return of the activities in 2022 and the challenges of COMPREP for this edition. “The Joint Exercise (EXCON) Shield-Thinia 2022 is the complement of a series of operations we started earlier in the year, including the COMAE exercises, KRATOS and COMAEX, Command and Control Exercises, and Operation TÁPIO in Campo Grande (MS), a non-regular warfare exercise. Tínia is the crowning achievement of a regular, traditional, classic war in which FAB is employed with all its means. I can say that the result has been excellent, fulfilling all the phases foreseen in this Exercise”, he pointed out.

In his visit to EXCON Shield-Tinia 2022, the Commander of the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Heraldo Luiz Rodrigues, spoke about the work that was done by the military. “We observed an extremely high degree of professionalism. The military worked on the missions, planning, execution and coordination in partnership with the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Army, which allowed for extreme and complete dedication of the Aeronautical Units that worked day and night and managed to achieve all the objectives set for the Exercise,” concluded the General Officer.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team *** Photos: Sergeant Müller Marin / CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Neris / CECOMSAER

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