Internship trains snipers all over BrazilInternship trains snipers all over Brazil

Manaus (AM) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – During the month of March, Army soldiers carried out the Corps Hunter Internship in specialized barracks throughout Brazil. Popularly known as a sniper, the Hunter is an elite marksman, capable of multiplying combat power. Their missions include neutralizing targets and destroying enemy material assets.

Military personnel with good pistol and rifle shooting skills are selected for the Hunter Internship. For three weeks, these soldiers receive advanced instruction in shooting theory and technique, as well as studying the basic principles and doctrine of the Hunters. The instruction period also aims to prepare the shooter psychologically and tactically for external defense situations and urban operations. After completing their training, the hunters will be able to use their specialized shooting techniques in conventional combat or in crisis management situations.

Among the specialized knowledge, the hunter class receives instruction in hunting, tracking and counter-tracking, target search and selection, and shelters. The hunters also learn distance assessment techniques, intelligence monitoring, observation, memorization and scenario description. The combatants also use the simulator to practice the fundamentals and techniques of shooting and learn how to adjust the sighting systems. The internship also includes practice shooting at moving targets and operations against enemy hunters. A campaign exercise concludes the instruction, allowing the snipers to put into practice all the knowledge they have acquired during their training.

At the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center, the Corps Hunter Internship trained 22 military personnel and one Federal Police agent, with a focus on applying hunter techniques to combat in the Amazon environment. In Rio de Janeiro, 29 new hunters were trained at the 2nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (School), with an emphasis on using hunters in urban combat. Hunter traineeships were also held in military commands in all regions.

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