6th Light Infantry Battalion conducted training in river techniques for the Reconnaissance Platoon and the Strategic Action Force. The training served to standardize the techniques, tactics, and procedures in riverine operations, besides enabling the development of the troops’ esprit de corps. The activities took place at the dam of the Paraibuna Hydroelectric Power Plant (SP), from May 10 to 12, and had the support of the 12th Light Combat Engineering Company.

They were given instructions on day and night shooting, day and night orientation, river patrol, blockade post and river control, aquatic infiltration with the “fishbone” technique, among others. The soldiers also learned about the characteristics of the main vessels of the Brazilian Army, and most of the instructions, such as shooting practice, were carried out with the troops on board.

Recruits perform on-the-ground training in Curitiba

The 27th Logistics Battalion, a military organization belonging to the 14th Motorized Infantry Brigade (14th Bda Inf Mtz), held, in the period from May 2nd to 6th, the Basic Individual Instruction Camp for the soldiers incorporated in 2022.

The exercise met the objectives of solidifying and improving reflexes in the execution of individual combat techniques; verifying the performance of the Basic Combatant in the various situations presented in the campaign service, under conditions of intense and prolonged physical effort, and applying the various knowledge acquired during the Basic Individual Training period.

The activity started with operational readiness and setting up the camp area. Afterwards, the soldiers went through several workshops, among them: day and night progression in the terrain, special techniques, camouflage, shooting on board, rope courses, day and night orientation, first aid, survival, building improvised shelters, traps, obtaining animal and vegetable food, and obtaining fire. On the opportunity, besides developing physical and mental stamina, attributes of the affective area were improved, especially leadership, camaraderie, courage, body spirit, perseverance, and initiative.

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