Industry Map incorporates strategic themes for the Brazilian aerospace sectorIndustry Map incorporates strategic themes for the Brazilian aerospace sector

The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) has launched another edition of the Strategic Map of Industry. This time with analyses and projections for the period 2023 to 2032.

The document was presented during a meeting of the National Industry Forum (FNI) in São Paulo last Friday (20). Julio Shidara, president of AIAB, took part in the event via videoconference.

“The Map covers a series of thematic areas of great interest to the aerospace industry, such as Decarbonization, Foreign Trade, Technology and Innovation, Urban Mobility and Space Infrastructure, among others,” said Shidara, who congratulated and thanked all those who took part in drawing up the study.

For the first time, Map 2023-2032 includes satellites and space applications as infrastructure.

“AIAB worked closely and intensively with CNI to make this achievement possible, a task made easier by the strategic vision of CNI professionals, who quickly grasped the importance of space infrastructure for Brazil’s economic and social development and sovereignty,” he added.

“CNI is always very attentive to strategic issues, not only for industry but also for Brazil,” he concluded.

About the Map

The Strategic Map of Industry is a document that presents a long-term vision for the development and growth of Brazilian industry, based on the identification of the main factors affecting its competitiveness.

For the Strategic Map 2023-2032, the fourth edition of the document, eight key factors were identified for the competitiveness of Brazilian industry over the next decade, broken down into priority themes that outline the path to a new industry.

For each priority theme, the Map presents a brief description of the challenge to be overcome, suggests possible solutions and indicates the expected benefits. Objectives are listed within each priority theme, with indicators and targets for 2032.

The full document can be found at

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