Importance of IVR Aviation in Operation YanomamiImportance of IVR Aviation in Operation Yanomami

All information is used to produce knowledge about the terrain, such as the analysis of images collected by on-board sensors

Lieutenant Letícia Faria and Air Force Agency

Collecting and analyzing information to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. It is with these attributions that the work of Operational Intelligence takes place with the Amazon Joint Operational Command (Cmdo Op Cj Amz), which commands the missions of Operation Yanomami Shield 2023, launched in Yanomami indigenous lands, in Roraima (RR), for almost 25 days.

Interoperability, in this mission format, is essential because it involves military personnel from the Brazilian Navy (MB), the Brazilian Army (EB), and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), each applying their operational methodologies in favor of intelligence. The data collected is by means of satellites and reconnaissance aircraft. 

In the context of Operation Yanomami Shield, any source of information is used to produce knowledge about the terrain, such as the analysis of images collected by on-board sensors, such as the R-99 and the E-99, belonging to the FAB’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IVR). Thus, a scenario is set up to facilitate the fulfillment of missions, so that the data obtained are used to assist the logistical transport and intelligence actions in the Yanomami Indigenous Lands.

“The intelligence activity is fundamental for the adequate support to the decisions of the Joint Operational Commander, in the use of the adjudicated means. Nothing is done in isolation, we always count on the synergy between the Armed Forces, Federal Police and Agencies to provide the necessary support to indigenous communities and humanitarian aid, within the Yanomami Lands,” adds the Chief of the Intelligence Cell of Cmdo Op Cj Amz.

In FAB, modern Remote Sensing aircraft were incorporated in the 2000s, with the purpose of operating in the Amazon scenario to, in due course, generate advisory with data collected by on-board sensors such as Synthetic Aperture Radar, optical, multispectral and infrared.

Performance of the IVR Aviation in Operation Yanomami

The detailed collection of intelligence data and the monitoring of areas of interest are some of the activities performed by the FAB’s IVR Aviation. The squadrons are the eyes of FAB that, from above, share the challenge of detecting threats, as well as protecting and integrating the national territory.

The latest generation sensors are used, whose characteristics enable in-depth target recognition, not limited to image recognition. The E-99 aircraft are employed in Flight Control and Alarm missions, while the R-99 aircraft perform various Air Reconnaissance missions. Both are in action in Operation Yanomami Shield 2023, taking off from the Boa Vista Air Base (BABV).

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