GUARNAE-RF develops project to revitalize historic aircraftGUARNAE-RF develops project to revitalize historic aircraft

Project aims to restore monument aircraft that occupy a prominent position in the garrison’s Military Organizations

Air Force Agency – II COMAR, by Sergeant Arthur Duarte

Throughout 2023, the Recife Air Force Garrison (GUARNAE-RF) has concentrated its efforts on implementing the project to revitalize and restore monumental military aircraft located in Military Organizations (OM) based in Greater Recife. To this end, COMAR2 Order No. 48/SAdm, of June 12, 2023, established the Commission for the Preservation of Exposed Aircraft at the Recife Air Force Garrison.

The program, managed by the Second Regional Air Command (II COMAR), aims to restore aircraft that have deteriorated due to the weather and exposure to sun and rain, thus showing aesthetic and functional defects. The service includes anti-corrosion treatment, structural recovery, painting, polishing, as well as the use of a whole network of logistical infrastructure related to material and transportation, which is supported by actions carried out by the Recife Air Base (BARF) and the Recife Support Group (GAP-RF).

The TF-33 Shooting Star and HS-125 Hawker models, located in front of the II COMAR Command Building and the Second Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (SERIPA II), respectively, were the first models to be restored, marking the beginning of the activities.

The AT-26 Xavante aircraft, which is at the Recife Aeronautics Hospital (HARF), the third to be restored, has a privileged location and attracts the gaze of people passing by the Boa Viagem beachfront, located in the south of the Pernambuco capital.

The project also includes the recovery of an HS-125 Hawker aircraft and five other AT-26 Xavante aircraft, located at the Third Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Center (CINDACTA III), BARF, Recife Aeronautics Prefecture (PARF), Recife Military College (CMR) and Fernando de Noronha Airspace Control Detachment (DTCEA-FN).

Photos: Sergeant Gullity Igor (GAP-RF)

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