Gordo Squadron conducts last C-130 simulator training in IndonesiaGordo Squadron conducts last C-130 simulator training in Indonesia

Activity marks the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral cooperation, as Indonesia and Brazil reaffirm their commitment to collaboration in military aviation

Air Force Agency/Address Indonesia, by Colonel Elésio

After five years of reciprocal cooperation, the C-130 Simulator Training Program between Brazil and Indonesia has come to an end, as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) makes the transition to the KC-390 Millennium, produced by EMBRAER. However, rather than signifying a farewell, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral cooperation, as the two countries reaffirm their commitment to collaboration in military aviation.

The completion ceremony held in Jakarta, Indonesia, was proof of the collaboration between the Indonesian and Brazilian Air Forces. The Head of the Simulator at Halim Air Base, Major Arif Rahman Hakim, expressed gratitude for the years of cooperation and the shared commitment to excellence. “As we bid farewell to training on the C-130 simulator, we welcome a new era of cooperation with Brazil,” he said.

Brazil’s Ambassador to Jakarta, George Prata, welcomed the crew and explained the importance of this partnership for diplomacy. “The strategic relevance of the Indo-Pacific region has increased significantly for Brazilian foreign policy, opening up new opportunities for cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations,” he said.

The last crew to undergo simulator training in Jakarta successfully completed the program on 01/11 and was made up of the following military personnel: Air Force Major Nelson Dias da Silveira Costa; Air Force Captain Cayo Cesar Magalhães Santos; Air Force Captain Arthur Souza Rodrigues da Costa; Air Force Captain Hugo de Paiva Magalhães; Aircraft Specialist Lieutenant Maurício dos Passos Toledo, and Aircraft Mechanic Specialist Petty Officer Alex Carvalho Pereira.

The friendliness, professionalism and dedication of all the personnel involved in training and supporting the teams of the First Fleet of the First Transport Group (1st/1st GT) – Gordo Squadron, left an indelible mark on everyone who had the privilege of training in the C-130 simulator in Jakarta.

The Training Program

Beginning in 2019, the C-130 simulator training initiative served as a fundamental platform for improving the skills of the Brazilian Air Force crews operating the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules in Fleet. In contrast, Indonesian Air Force personnel train on simulators of the A-29 Super Tucano and C-105 Amazonas aircraft.

Although the C-130 simulator training program is complete, the collaborative spirit between Indonesia and Brazil persists. Plans are already underway to explore new avenues for joint training programs.

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