Natal Air Base hosts event marking preparations for CRUZEX 2024Natal Air Base hosts event marking preparations for CRUZEX 2024

Event brings together delegations from various countries taking part in the training

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

Representatives from several nations participating in the Southern Cross Exercise (CRUZEX) met from November 13 to 17 at the Natal Air Base (BANT) for the Initial Planning Conference (IPC), an event that marks the start of preparations for the multinational operational exercise, CRUZEX 2024.

The meeting, which takes place approximately one year before the exercise, aims to lay the foundations for efficient and successful collaboration between the air forces involved; present the main stages of operational, logistical and administrative planning; as well as discuss issues related to flight safety and the security of installations.

CRUZEX, one of the world’s largest joint operational exercises, has the main objective of strengthening interoperability between the air forces of different countries, promoting joint training in complex and challenging scenarios. IPC therefore plays a key role in this process, providing a platform for each nation’s delegation to coordinate strategies, share knowledge and align common objectives.

The event brought together representatives from several countries, including Argentina, the United States, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Sweden, among other strategic partners. During the conference, participants discussed logistical issues, communication strategies and intelligence sharing. Thus, the main focus was on defining specific goals and drawing up a joint operational plan that can be implemented during CRUZEX 2024.

According to the Exercise Coordinator, Air Force Colonel Ricardo Bevilaqua Mendes, the IPC is an important tool for creating connections with the various participating nations. “The Initial Planning Conference makes it possible to plan more precisely all the areas involved in preparing for the Exercise, not only those related to the air activities themselves, but certainly those directed at supporting personnel and logistical and maintenance activities,” he says.

In addition to the formal discussions, the IPC offered opportunities to build interpersonal relationships between the delegations, fostering an environment conducive to establishing bonds of trust and cooperation.


The Cruzeiro do Sul Exercise (CRUZEX) is a multinational operational exercise promoted by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) since 2002, which aims to provide joint training in conflict scenarios, promoting exchanges of experience between the participating countries.

The Commander of the Natal Air Base, Air Brigadier Éric Cézzane Cólen Guedes, points out that the training is developed and evaluated by the FAB, with the main focus being the preparation of Operational Units, with the participation of Armed Forces from other countries. “It will be a training activity for the crews involved, in order to meet the challenges of responding to crises and peace operations, as well as keeping up to date with Tactics, Techniques and Procedures in Composite Air Missions for conventional war scenarios,” he concludes.

In 2024, the exercise will be held in November at BANT and will bring together more than 10 countries, including Brazil, and around 100 Brazilian and foreign military aircraft. The expected total is between 1,200 and 1,300 hours flown.

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