FAB sets up field hospital in DF to treat dengue patientsFAB sets up field hospital in DF to treat dengue patients

Readiness and agility to relieve the UPAs and combat the public health crisis in the Federal District

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Scarlet

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has once again demonstrated its capacity for readiness and rapid response with the installation of the Field Hospital (HCAMP) in Ceilândia, one of the administrative regions of the Federal District, to support the treatment of patients diagnosed with dengue fever. The hospital is initially expected to operate for 45 days.

Services began on Monday (05/02) and the initiative reflects the commitment of the Air Force and its military personnel to support society wherever Brazil needs it. The Hospital provides clinical and pediatric care, with an Emergency Center, a Laboratory for collection and diagnostic tests, a structure to monitor ongoing treatments and space for hydration. The Unit has a multidisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, nursing and laboratory technicians, among others, and has 60 beds that will guarantee 24-hour operation.

As of 8am on Tuesday, almost 1,400 procedures had already been recorded in the specialties of clinical medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, laboratory tests and more, exceeding the initial forecast for the period.

The Commander of HCAMP, Major Juliana Freire Vandesteen, explains how the Emergency Center works. “The structure has two interconnected tunnels. One connects to the laboratory tent, where dengue diagnosis tests are collected and followed up. The other leads to the hydration area, which has two separate sectors – pediatric and adult. Screening is also carried out there,” said the officer.

The Operation Commander, Brigadier General Maurício Ribeiro Braga, highlighted the agility with which the facilities were set up. “Our great characteristic is mobility and prompt response. Our mission is to add to the fight against dengue and reduce cases, since Ceilândia is the city with the highest number of cases in the Federal District,” said the General Officer.

The Commander of the Air Force, Air Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, stressed that the operation was not just a demonstration of agility, but a tangible example of the FAB’s commitment to the health and well-being of the population. “We were called in by the Ministry of Defense (MD) and, in a few days, we set up the hospital, demonstrating the efficiency and proactivity of our military personnel. We even broke a HCAMP mobilization record with this mission. And that’s what we’re here for. Our aim is to relieve the region’s UPAS, given that the Federal District currently accounts for around 20% of the country’s dengue cases,” said the Commander of the Air Force.


Mobilization to set up the structure began on Friday (03/02) with the transport of supplies and personnel from Rio de Janeiro (RJ) to Brasília (DF), using the FAB’s KC-390 Millennium aircraft, to provide medical assistance in the Ceilândia region. Landing in the federal capital took place at 3am on Saturday (February 3) and, on the same day, work began on preparing the site for the assembly of the HCAMP.

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