DECEA promotes institutional meeting with the aviation community in Rio de JaneiroDECEA promotes institutional meeting with the aviation community in Rio de Janeiro

The Commander of the Air Force stressed the importance of strengthening ties with the airline industry

On Tuesday (06/02), the Airspace Control Department (DECEA) held a meeting with airline directors, associations, airport concessionaires, government bodies, institutions and partner companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector’s new demands.

The meeting, held at the Aeronautics Historical and Cultural Institute (INCAER) in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), was also attended by the Commander of the Air Force, Air Brigadier Lieutenant Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, and other military and civil authorities.

At the opening, Air Chief Marshal Damasceno welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of the event. “I consider it a day of great importance for Brazil, especially for the Aeronautics Command, as it marks not only our constant concern with increasing the capacity to control our airspace, improving the flow of air traffic and increasing levels of operational safety, but also ratifies how diligent the Brazilian Air Force is in fulfilling its constitutional mission,” said the General Officer.

The Commander of the Air Force also emphasized the importance of the main aviation data and indicators presented in the ATM Performance Bulletin, made available in a transparent and agile manner to the aviation community.

[Click here to download the original image] After the presentation of a video about important actions in partnership with the aviation community, the Director General of DECEA, Air Brigadier Alcides Teixeira Barbacovi, highlighted the technological and operational advances made by the FAB, through DECEA, as well as the necessary partnership between stakeholders to achieve the expected results. “Brazil provides a service of excellence for aviation. The FAB’s collaborative work with the aviation community contributes to the safety and smooth flow of air traffic in our country,” said Air Brigadier Barbacovi.

Next, the Head of DECEA’s Operations Sub-Department (SDOP), Air Brigadier André Gustavo Fernandes Peçanha, presented DECEA’s important achievements for the benefit of air transport users and the aviation community. Among the various projects underway, the General Officer highlighted the implementation of the Route Efficiency Project, which includes the restructuring of the fixed route network in the Flight Information Regions (FIR) of Brasília and Recife, and the activation of the Agile Project, an initiative that prioritizes collaborative decision-making and provides greater efficiency in air operations, reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

Improving air navigation services in the oil basins (ocean areas) was also one of the subjects discussed at the meeting. “One of the objectives is to adapt air navigation services in the airspaces of the Campos, Campos Sul, Santos and Espírito Santo oil basins, with a view to raising operational safety levels by providing air traffic control services,” said Air Brigadier Peçanha.

At the end of the event, Air Brigadier Barbacovi made himself available to meet with the aviation community and stressed the importance of establishing a channel of communication with all sectors involved in aviation.

Photos: Fábio Maciel / DECEA *** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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