FAB intercepts aircraft loaded with 500 kg of drugsFAB intercepts aircraft loaded with 500 kg of drugs

The Brazilian Air Force’s action aims to defend the airspace and protect the country’s borders

CECOMSAER, por Aspirante Kelly

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) intercepted, around 12:36 pm (Brasília time) this Sunday (3), in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, a small aircraft that entered Brazilian airspace without authorization. Two A-29 Super Tucano air defense aircraft were employed to monitor and intercept the aircraft.

The air defense pilots followed the protocol of the Brazilian airspace policing measures, questioning the pilot of the aircraft, but got no response. At this point, the aircraft was classified as suspicious, as provided in Decree 5.144, of July 16, 2004.

The FAB pilots then ordered a change of route and a mandatory landing at a specific airfield. However, the pilot of the intercepted aircraft did not obey. It was then necessary for the air defense to command a warning shot. Still not returning, the aircraft was considered hostile, and the arrest shot procedures were carried out.

After the arrest shot was executed, the aircraft, which had no flight plan and entered the Brazilian airspace through the border of Mato Grosso do Sul, made a forced landing in the state of São Paulo, between the cities of Jales and Pontalinda. From then on, the Federal Police took over Ground Control Measures (MCS). Two people escaped before the arrival of the police and in the aircraft were found around 500 kilos of cocaine base paste.

According to the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), radars identified the aircraft entering Brazilian airspace. The aircraft, with no contact with control, failed to comply with all the policing measures taken, showing itself to be hostile.

The action is part of Operation Ostium, to curb cross-border illegalities, in which the Brazilian Air Force and the Federal Police operate jointly.

The Air Force works daily to ensure the sovereignty of Brazilian airspace. This action shows that Brazil’s Air Defense System acts permanently, 24 hours a day, to guarantee the country’s sovereignty.

Photos: Sergeant Bianca / CECOMSAER and Divulgação Polícia Federal

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