FAB and PF act together to intercept aircraft loaded with drugs in SPFAB and PF act together to intercept aircraft loaded with drugs in SP

Action was taken by the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE) in conjunction with the Federal Police (PF)

Air Force Agency, Lieutenant Letícia Faria

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) intercepted, on Wednesday morning (18/01), near Caporanga (SP), an aircraft from another country, which entered the border region, carrying drugs. FAB’s A-29 Super Tucano fighter jets were used in the mission, carried out jointly with the Federal Police (PF).

The Brazilian radars of the Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Centers (CINDACTA) detected the aircraft entering the territory at around 7:20 a.m. (Brasilia time), without a flight plan, thus being subject to the measures provided for in Decree 5.144, of July 16, 2004. The Air Defense resources were called in and the Federal Police notified, since it was an aircraft following a known drug trafficking route. 

During the entire interception process, the pilot of the illicit aircraft performed the flight at low altitude and, after contact from the FAB, made a forced landing, in the middle of an uninhabited area, abandoning the aircraft and the cargo. The Federal Police of Marilia and the Military Police of São Paulo carried out Ground Control Measures. [Click here to download the original image]

To successfully complete the mission, FAB used the A-29 aircraft with all its employment capabilities. According to COMAE, performing an interception like this, demonstrates, once again, the readiness and operationality of the Force at any time.

Permanent action

This Wednesday’s actions are part of Operation Ostium and Operation Agate, of the Ministry of Defense, linked to the Program for Integrated Border Protection (PPIF). The goal is to curb illicit activities in Brazilian airspace, in which the Air Force and the Public Safety Agencies work together, in compliance with Decree No. 5144 of July 16, 2004. 

Photos: Federal Police and Air Force Agency

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