Azul reinforces its international operations and offers more than 600 flights per month to foreign destinationsAzul reinforces its international operations and offers more than 600 flights per month to foreign destinations

With regular routes connecting directly to the United States, Uruguay and Portugal, the company intends to increase its operation in 2023

To connect Brazil more and more, Azul has been investing frequently in its operation, which resulted in being the fastest airline to resume its operation. Today, Azul flies to more than 150 destinations in Brazil and now the company also resumes its international routes, which currently exceed 600 flights a month.

Among the international routes, from the airport of Viracopos in Campinas (SP), Azul’s main hub in Brazil, the company has offered two daily flights to the airports of Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It is worth remembering that during the high season, which will last until the end of this month, Azul Viagens has offered packages for the first dedicated international flight of the tour operator to Orlando.

In the Northern region of the country, the company is betting on direct connections between the cities of Belém, in Pará, and Manaus, in Amazonas, to the North American airports. Leaving from Amazonas three times a week, Azul has offered direct flights to Fort Lauderdale. From the state capital of Pará, there are four direct flights a week.

“These new international routes are the result of intense team work. We know that, little by little, our international operation will not only resume, but it will also increase and decentralize operations offering departures from different locations in Brazil, being Azul’s main goal, which is to connect all regions of the country to the most different destinations”, says André Mercadante Américo, director of Azul’s Network Planning.

Another destination that has been reinforced in the Azul network in 2022 is Uruguay. Since December 2022, the two weekly frequencies between Montevideo, Uruguay, and Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, remain available to customers. Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, is also another connection option to the Uruguayan capital, which has been operating during the high season, but will remain regular this year. Also to Montevideo, Azul has offered two weekly direct flights departing from Recife, the company’s main hub in the Northeast.

To Lisbon, capital of Portugal and the first European destination operated by the company, Azul has offered three daily flights in the high season, departing from the airport of Viracopos, in Campinas (SP).

The experience of Azul’s international flights

Besides the comfort and quality of Azul’s products and services in domestic operations, flying abroad with the company brings refinements of sophistication.

Customers flying in the Azul Business class will have a full seat, with direct access to the aisle, personalized meal options and world-class in-flight entertainment. Economy Xtra customers, on the other hand, will enjoy an enhanced legroom experience, which also includes the SkySofa, composed of four seats that turn into a bed, and thus provide more comfort and convenience to customers, besides offering an exclusive experience to those who travel abroad with the company.

In addition to the accommodations, all aircraft on international flights, regardless of classes, have 16-inch TVs, equipped with remote control, and have a touchscreen mode. In all classes, the quality of video reproduction is in HD. The screens are equipped with a USB port, which serves mainly to recharge mobile devices.

And when it comes to dining, the menu is not left behind, always with four options, ranging from meat, fish, and pasta. The dishes are accompanied by soup, salads, cheese and bread, as well as special starters and differentiated desserts.

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