A video published by the Russian defense ministry, shows the training of its Kamov Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopter.

The air group of the “Admiral Gorshkov” frigate of the Russian Fleet conducted the flights of the ship’s Ka-27 helicopter in difficult hydrometeorological conditions in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pilot training was planned. During the flights, aerial reconnaissance was conducted in order to reveal the air and surface situation along the frigate’s crossing route.

Also during the flight shift, the crew took off and landed on the helipad of the moving frigate in order to maintain the level of flight crew training.

The flights took place with sea waves up to 3 points and wind speeds of about 15 meters per second.

The “Admiral Gorshkov” frigate of the Russian Fleet is a modern multifunctional ship with guided missile weapons designed to solve problems in distant sea and ocean areas. It begins service in the Russian Navy in 2018 and modernized in 2021 for the use of Zircon hypersonic missiles.

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