lections: Defense supports Electoral Justice in logistics and securitylections: Defense supports Electoral Justice in logistics and security

For the successful holding of elections in Brazil, the Ministry of Defense (MD), through the Armed Forces, has historically acted in logistical support, with the transportation of electronic ballot boxes, people and materials to hundreds of municipalities, as well as rural, indigenous and riverine communities. The MD also cooperates with the voting and counting security processes carried out by the Electoral Justice. In the security actions, the operation is called Voting and Counting Guarantee (GVA).

Flow – The VVM operations, carried out in conjunction with the public security bodies and at the request of the electoral authority, help maintain order in places where public and electoral security require reinforcement. The activity takes place in accordance with Resolution 21.843/04 of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). In this process, the Regional Electoral Courts (TREs) request support from the TSE. After approval by the Court, the requests are forwarded to the MD, for authorization and guidance of employment of the Armed Forces.

The MD, in turn, activates Joint Commands, responsible for executing the logistics and security actions requested for the electoral process. These actions, carried out synergistically by the Navy, Army, and Air Force, involve the use of military personnel, vessels, vehicles, and aircraft. Communities located in places of difficult access, such as rural, indigenous and riverine areas, depend on the military to have their right to vote guaranteed. Check out the flow chart:

Effectiveness – In 2018, in the first round of elections, an effective of about 30,000 military personnel, 2,100 vehicles, 27 aircraft and 144 vessels were employed. In the second round, more than 27,000 military personnel, 2,516 vehicles, 22 aircraft, and 138 boats were used. At TSE’s request, the Ministry published MD Directive nº 4.812, of September 12th, 2022, which approves the Ministerial Directive to guide the employment of the Armed Forces in the locations requested by the Court, after the publication of Presidential Decree nº 11.172, of August 11th, 2022.

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