The system detects swimmers and vehicles, simultaneously protecting multiple ships anchored at ports, harbors, and designated areas of port basins from sabotage attempts and smuggling

 DSIT, a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge maritime defense and security solutions, presents for the first time its KnightShield mobile, task force underwater security system at UDT 2022, Netherlands. The system supports task force underwater protection, simultaneously protecting multiple ships anchored at ports, port entrances, and designated areas of port basins from swimmers, UAVs, SDVs and sabotage attempts.

Based on the sophisticated technology implemented in PointShield, DSIT’s advanced Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) Systems, KnightShield covers medium ranges in ports, delivering exceptional reliability and precision. Providing fully automatic detection, tracking, classification, and alerts regarding underwater intrusion, smugglers, and sabotage attempts, the system detects hostile divers – whether using closed or open breathing apparatus – as well as AUVs, SDVs, DPVs, and UUVs. Housed in a 20 ft ISO container, KnightShield is easily transported, as needed, between platforms and dock locations such as ports, harbors, and terminals. Designed for use during deployment of expeditionary forces and escalated threat levels, the solution can be easily stored when not required. 

Mr. Hanan Marom, DSIT’s VP Marketing and Business Development, said, “The increasing sophistication of maritime threats and smuggling has made the underwater protection of ports and vessels anchored in ports more critical. We believe that the advanced KnightShield system – simultaneously handling up to 500 contacts in all weather and sea conditions, and providing early detection and precise threat locations of even the weakest targets – delivers flexibility in both times of peace and escalation, ensuring efficient and optimal protection of critical assets and ships in ports, terminals, port entrances, and designated areas of port basins.”  

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