DIRINFRA technicians inspect airfields in northern BrazilDIRINFRA technicians inspect airfields in northern Brazil

The airfields were inspected in Alcântara (MA), Tiriós (PA), Boa Vista (RR), São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM) and Porto Velho (RO)

COMGAP, by Captain Flavio Augusto and Major Oliveira Lima

The team, composed of Major Engineer Renato Resque Teixeira, Captain Engineer Rafaela Malafaia Nassif Dagher and Sergeant Hudson Gomes de Moraes, used the scientific method approved for this type of inspection, called Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which allows the quality of runways, taxiways and aircraft yards to be assessed by segment, based on the existence of pathologies on the sidewalk surface, their severity and extent.

The technical inspections are important for DIRINFRA to monitor the conditions of the airport sidewalks, always based on the related legislation in force. The data collected during aerodrome sidewalk inspections are entered into an information technology tool, the Military Aerodrome Infrastructure Management System (SIGAM), which is currently being improved. The information supports the planning, prioritization and allocation of resources for the development of projects and execution of works in military airfields, in addition to maintaining the network of airport sidewalks in operational conditions and at adequate levels of safety for air operations.

Among the airfields inspected, the mission carried out in Tiriós (PA) stands out, due to the difficulty of access, since air transport is the only means of transportation. The runway is located in the northwest of Pará, in the municipalities of Oriximiná and Almeirim, inside the Tumucumaque Indigenous Park. There, the team surveyed the conditions of the runway, taxiway and patio sidewalks. The last intervention in its infrastructure was done by the Amazon Region Airports Commission (COMARA), in 2004, consisting in the reform and expansion of the runway, which went from 1,600 to 2,000 meters.

The mission coordinator and Head of the Pavement Management Team, Major Resque highlighted the gratification of inspecting the airfields in the northern region where he had the opportunity to work on the reform, at the time he worked at COMARA. “The mission was one more step towards the consolidation of the Airport Pavement Management in FAB. Identifying the type of defect, quantifying its extent and measuring its severity level are the main factors for strategic actions of investment and selection of maintenance techniques and sidewalk rehabilitation,” said the officer, adding that the ultimate goal is to reduce costs and provide the best operating conditions, comfort and safety to users.

Photos: Major Resque / COMGAP *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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