Protocol of Intent for the SelenITA Project is signed at FABProtocol of Intent for the SelenITA Project is signed at FAB

The cooperation agreement is a partnership between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Johny Lucas and Major Oliveira Lima

The Commander of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, received, on Monday afternoon (10/24), the State Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovations, Paulo César Rezende de Carvalho Alvim, for the ceremony alluding to the signing of the Protocol of Intentions of the SelenITA Project, which will come into force and will be valid for five years, and may be renewed.

In order to join efforts and undertake mutual cooperation of joint institutional actions, the protocol of intentions, in support to the Artemis Program, develops the SelenITA project, which aims to study both the space weather and the geophysics of the moon, by means of a small propelled satellite, capable of controlling its altitude to carry out measurements of important parameters in the understanding of the earth-moon system and of the moon specifically. The proposal provides payload area on a CubeSat 12u (24x24x36 cm).

According to the Minister, the agreement between the institutions is an opportunity to leverage knowledge. “We have no more time to lose. Space has become incorporated into our daily lives and, fortunately, we have the competence and capabilities to position ourselves. I thank you for this partnership and wish you more to come”, he emphasized.

The FAB Commander highlighted the importance of the partnership. “What we are doing here today is another step towards space. It is part of our personality to challenge the limits, to try to go beyond the edges of knowledge that we now understand to be possible,” said the General Officer.

According to the Rector of the Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica (ITA), Professor Doctor Anderson Ribeiro Correia, the project can serve the scientific community interested in studying the lunar and cislunar region. “We envision this mission as a wide range of opportunity. For example, exploration of the lunar soil, with the possibility of identifying differentiated mineral salts that are of interest to the world community or mining companies, which is already a great reality. Another possibility is the study of the climate and solar storms, what is the impact, the role of the moon, and how this can affect communications in Brazil and in the world”, he pointed out.

The ceremony took place at the Air Force Space, at the Aeronautics Command building, in Brasilia (DF) and was attended by members of the Aeronautics High Command, General Officers, among other authorities.

Selenite Project

The project will count on the participation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), established by the Aeronautics Technological Institute (ITA) with support from the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and American universities. The contribution of this proposal and other initiatives already present are included in the National Program of Space Activities (PNAE), coordinated by AEB.

Photos: Sgt. P. Silva / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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