UNIFA and STM launch Military Law Extension CourseUNIFA and STM launch Military Law Extension Course

The master class was given by Air Lieutenant Brigadier Francisco Joseli Parente Camelo, in Brasília (DF)

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos and Major Oliveira Lima

The University of the Air Force (UNIFA), in a joint action with the Superior Military Court (STM), began, on Monday (October 24), the Military Law Extension Course, which has the main objective of providing the military of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) with technical and professional improvement in processes related to Brazilian Military Law. The event was attended by General Officers from the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, and the Brazilian Air Force, as well as judges from the Union Military Justice (JMU).

On the occasion, the Commander of UNIFA, Air Major Brigadier José Virgílio Guedes de Avellar, highlighted the importance of holding the course and, especially, the cooperation between the STM and UNIFA. “The Air Force thanks and congratulates the Superior Military Court for undertaking a course of this magnitude that is representative for the Air Force Command and the other forces and institutions. For this first course, we had more than 104 military personnel from the Air Force enrolled. This shows the success of the course, which is a unique opportunity for us to improve these contents”, explained the General Officer.

The Minister of the STM, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Francisco Joseli Parente Camelo, delivered the Aula Magna entitled “Military Justice of the Union: 214 years of history,” in which he addressed historical issues of Brazil and the Armed Forces, facts that have been present since Brazil’s Independence. In his opening remarks, Brigadier Joseli also portrayed the participation of JMU in important historical facts of Brazil.

At the end, the Director of the National School for Training and Improvement of Magistrates of the Union Military Justice (ENAJUM), Minister Artur Vidigal de Oliveira, stressed how essential it is to qualify the servants of the Military Justice. “We must dedicate ourselves a little more to the training and improvement of the civil servants and military personnel who assist us in the difficult task of judging,” he emphasized.

Extension Course in Military Law

The Military Law Extension Course offers specific knowledge about the Military Judiciary Organization, as well as its instruments. The proposal was developed through a joint effort between the STM teams and researchers from UNIFA’s Postgraduate Program in Aerospace Sciences.

In this way, the course incorporates the updating of fundamental themes for military institutions. In addition, it increases awareness about connectivity through information technology tools.

With this technical improvement, military personnel who work especially in legal advising, when facing military processes, will be able to give procedure and celerity to the process, avoiding the nullity of legal acts.

Photos: Sergeant Viegas/ CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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