Commander of CCOMGEX conducts reconnaissance technical visit for Exercise CORE 23 in Oiapoque (AP)

Oiapoque (AP) – On the morning of January 25, 2023, the commander of the Army Communications and Electronic Warfare Center (CCOMGEX), Division General Ivan de Sousa Corrêa Filho and his entourage, conducted a technical orientation visit to the Special Border Company of Clevelândia do Norte (CEF/CLNO), with the purpose of conducting reconnaissance in the context of Exercise CORE 23 (Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises).

The activity was attended by officers from the 22nd Jungle Infantry Brigade, the Amapá/34th BIS Border Command, the 41st Telematics Center, the Operations Center and the Northern Command Staff, the 8th Military Region, and the 2nd Communications and Electronic Jungle Warfare Battalion.

The activity allowed us to complement the planning in order to meet the demands of Command and Control (C2) and internet provisioning for all phases of the operation.

The combined exercise will bring together troops from the Brazilian Army and the United States of America (USA) Army, in the month of October and November of this year, for a joint training in the Garrisons of Belém-PA, Macapá-AP, Oiapoque-AP and in the District of Clevelândia do Norte, aiming to maintain the historical ties between the countries and to increase the integration and cooperation between the two armies.

Source: 22nd Jungle Infantry Brigade Command

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