CHELOG promotes VI Geoinformation WorkshopCHELOG promotes VI Geoinformation Workshop

The Ministry of Defense (MD), through the Chief of Logistics and Mobilization (CHELOG), promotes, between November 29th and December 1st, the VI Workshop on Defense Geoinformation. The event will take place in person for the internal audience, with the participation of guests by videoconference. The objective is to present the current situation of the strategic project Defense Geoinformation System (SisGEODEF) and to define improvements.

On the first day of the workshop, starting at 2pm, there will be on-line insertion. On the other days, technical meetings will be held with the multidisciplinary SisGEODEF development team. Among the topics that will be covered in the workshop are the status of the SisGEODEF geoportal; Geoinformation Defense doctrine; meteorology and oceanography; and Operational Commands of the Forces.

Understanding the theme – Geoinformation for Defense (GEODEF) is the data and information of interest to the area that is essentially distinguished by its geospatial component. The component associates each entity or phenomenon, of natural or anthropic origin, with a location or positioning in the physical dimension (land, sea, air and space domains) of the Earth, using a reference system, at a specific instant or period of time.

Program – SisGEODEF promotes the effective management of geoinformation to ensure the planner access to information related to areas of Defense interest, besides contributing to the planning and control of joint operations, which count on the participation of the Singular Forces and institutions of the Federal Government.

For more information, interested parties should contact the General Coordination of Geoinformation, Meteorology and Aerial Surveying (CGGMA). Telephone: 61 3312-4355 / e-mail:

Special Advisory on Social Communication (Ascom) – Ministry of Defense (MD)

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