Centauro II wins procurement process for the Brazilian Army Medium Cavalry Armored Vehicle on WheelsCentauro II wins procurement process for the Brazilian Army Medium Cavalry Armored Vehicle on Wheels

The Brazilian Army through the Logistics Command (COLOG) / Material Directorate (DMat) communicated on Friday morning (25NOV2022) that the finalist of the Armored Medium Cavalry Combat Vehicle Program VBC Cav MSR was the Italian Consortium CIO with the CENTAURO II.

Below is the note from COLOG / DEMAT.


  1. The Brazilian Army, through the Logistics Command (COLOG) / Directorate of Material (DMat), informs that, in compliance with item 7. 1 Schedule of Events, page 10/24 of the Request for Proposal (RFP) -COLOG n° 01/2022, of July 20, 2022, it ended Phase 2 on November 25, 2022, period foreseen for analysis of the BAFO (Best And Final Offer) of the final proposals (RFT) of the companies participating in the process for the acquisition of the Medium Cavalry Armored Vehicle on Wheels (VBC Cav -MSR 8×8).
  2. The ranking defined by the Brazilian Army is as follows:
    a Colocada.

1st Company CIO – CENTAURO II

2nd Placed. Company GDLS – LAV700AG

3rd Placed Company Company NORINCO – ST1-BR

  1. All companies selected in the short-list will receive through the official communication e-mail the total points obtained in each of the analyzed areas (Technical, Commercial, Initial Logistics Support, and Offset).
  2. The first ranked company is summoned to sign the initial contract for sample delivery, planned for December 5, 2022, to be confirmed in due course, an activity that will take place at the Brazilian Army Headquarters – COLOG/COEx, at the following address: Avenida Duque de Caxias S/N, Bloco F, 1° Piso, Brasília -DF, CEP: 70.630-901.


The CENTAURO II represents excellence in its field in terms of power, observation, mobility, ergonomics, firing behavior and communication, in addition to maximum crew protection. Equipped with a modern 720+HP powerpack and the well-established H-drive typical of the 8×8 armored vehicles of the Centauro family, the Centauro II benefits from a fully digital architecture and a new generation turret with 120mm cannon and command and control communication systems that make the Centauro the most modern of the vehicles in service in the Italian Army.

The result is an innovative armored vehicle capable of operating in any scenario: from national security defense missions to peacekeeping operations and support to any other theater of operations in which our Armed Forces are called to intervene.


The CENTAURO II is a new project that consolidates 30 years of learning in conflicts in Europe, Middle East and Far East. It is not a simple evolution of the Centauro B1. The chassis is manufactured by IVECO Defence Vehicles in Bolzano (northern Italy) and is designed around the HITFACT Mk II turret, manufactured by Leonardo in La Spezia. It features vertical and lateral axis stabilization and is equipped with a network communication system (netcentric) via datalink.

Mounted on the CENTAURO II, the HITFACT Mk II can be fired laterally at full elevation on a 15° ramp. On the test track in La Spezia, the stabilization system was demonstrated with the car in motion and the turret fixed at one point: the palanquin. It was tested on a unit of Italy’s main fighting car: the Ariete, which weighs 54 tons.

The Italian Army has standardized its Centauro II with a 120-millimeter 45-caliber high-pressure cannon, similar to those employed by the main battle tanks operated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Alternatively, it can be equipped with a 105-millimeter, 52-caliber cannon. Both versions are capable of firing all the ammunition adopted by the Western bloc for both calibers, regardless of which country manufactures them. A notable design fact is that the Centaur II’s 120mm cannon has a recoil force compatible with a 30t vehicle, but no performance limitation.

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