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On Thursday (02), the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sergio Nogueira de Oliveira, accompanied the actions of Operation Ágata Norte 2022. Carried out in the states of Pará, Amapá and Maranhão, the initiative is focused on preventive and repressive actions, along the border strip, against crimes such as smuggling, embezzlement, drug trafficking, and illegal mining. More than three thousand men and women, including military personnel and members of government agencies are employed in the operation.

In Belém, Pará, Minister Paulo Sérgio, accompanied by the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Laerte de Souza Santos, and other authorities, flew over the Porto de Vila do Conde to land on the Landing Ship, Tank (LST) “NDCC Almirante Saboia”.

“It is very gratifying to be able to visit, in loco, the work of our Armed Forces in defense of the Amazon. With the presence of the Armed Forces and governmental agencies, our mission is to curb cross-border and environmental crimes. This work aims at preserving our sovereignty, taking care of our riches and, thus, fulfilling our constitutional missions”, emphasized the Minister. In Amapá, the Minister accompanied a joint action in the area of river control on the Oiapoque River.

Ágata Norte 2022 is being conducted by the 4th Naval District Command, located in Belém. In this edition, the following institutions are participating in the operation: Pará State Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability (SEMAS), Federal Revenue Service, Federal Police (PF), Federal Highway Police (PRF) and state police.

Also present at the activities were the Commander of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen; the Chief of Joint Operations of the Ministry of Defense (MD), Army General Eduardo Antonio Fernandes; the Chief of Logistics and Mobilization of the MD, Fleet Admiral André Luiz Silva Lima de Santana Mendes; and the Northern Military Commander, Army General João Chalella Junior, among other authorities.


Data from the Agate Operation, in 2021, show a 50% increase in drug seizures, compared to 2020. Last year 27.9 tons of cocaine, marijuana, skank and hashish were seized, and in 2020, 18.6 tons.


Coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, Operation Agate takes place in coordination with neighboring countries, states and municipalities. The action consists of interagency operations with personnel from the Navy, Army and Air Force, in partnership with federal, state and municipal public security and inspection agencies.

Through Operation Ágata, the capacity of the security agencies to combat cross-border illegal activities is significantly increased, due to the protection and logistical support provided by the Armed Forces. During the operations, the military personnel carry out actions such as patrols, searches of people, vehicles, vessels, and aircraft.

The action is part of the Federal Government’s Plan for Integrated Border Protection (PPIF), created to prevent and repress the actions of criminals on Brazil’s border with ten South American countries and along the entire maritime coast. In addition, it strengthens the State’s presence, especially in more remote areas, and ensures the country’s sovereignty, law and order.

Besides the joint editions, such as Ágata Norte 2022, the activity is developed, throughout the year, in different states and periods, by a single Singular Force, enabling greater agility and greater use of the surprise factor.

Photos: Igor Soares/MD *** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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