Brazilian Military Engineering Cooperation Mission supports the Senegalese ArmyBrazilian Military Engineering Cooperation Mission supports the Senegalese Army

Bargny (Senegal) – The Brazilian Military Engineering Cooperation Mission conducted a Topography Internship for soldiers from the Senegalese Army’s engineering units. The internship took place from September 25 to October 6 at the École d’Application du Génie in Bargny.

The internship imparted advanced knowledge of topography, with an emphasis on road construction projects, in order to meet a demand from the Engineering and Infrastructure Directorate of the Senegalese Armed Forces.

A total of 80 hours of theoretical and practical instruction and extra-class work were given to 13 officers and non-commissioned officers. The course covered the basic and technical concepts for drawing up geometric road designs, importing topographic data, creating horizontal and vertical layouts, type sections, current drainage elements, project plans and calculating the volumes of material to be used.

At the end of the internship, the soldiers were divided into three groups and presented an initial geometric project for a stretch of road. The Commander of the École d’Application du Génie, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean Emmanuel Badiane, emphasized the importance of the work and the great step taken by Senegalese Military Engineering in developing technical capabilities through Brazilian cooperation.

Captain Malick Ndiaye, a Senegalese military engineer, highlighted the excellence of the instruction and the importance of the subject for the technical and professional development of Military Engineering. He emphasized that the knowledge acquired will be very useful for current work and future projects.

The mission was made up of Colonel Marcelo Florentino Borlina and Major Renato Cancherini Lefone, supported by Third Sergeant Topographer Italo Luis Azevedo Mendes, from the 2nd Railway Battalion (Araguari/MG), and translator Amadou Baldé.

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