Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay: 80 years of integration and friendshipBrazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay: 80 years of integration and friendship

Cap Murilo Alves Bueno

Military exchanges play an important role in the search for cooperation among national armies, especially in South America. According to the Directive for Brazilian Army Activities in the International Area (DAEBAI), the South American regional environment is a priority, for the maintenance of a climate of trust and cooperation among the countries of this region has significant reflections on the security of this strategic environment.

This type of activity contributes to the constant improvement of military professionals, to the international projection of armies, and to maintaining the bonds of friendship among countries. In this context, the governments of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Paraguay, inspired by the spirit of collaboration that unites neighboring countries in all fields, and especially considering the convenience of establishing ties, celebrate, in the year 2022, the 80th anniversary of the Military Cooperation Agreement between friendly nations.

The first military integration activities between Brazil and Paraguay date back to 1851, when Paraguayan President Don Carlos Antonio López, aiming to defend and fortify Paraguayan territory, received advice from Brazilian imperial troops, who designed and helped build the trenches of the Humaitá defensive complex.

In 1941, during President Getúlio Vargas’ official visit to Asunción, the first negotiations for the creation of a Brazilian Military Mission in Paraguay were held, with the purpose of establishing cooperation between the two countries. After the initial negotiations, the first group of Brazilian military personnel began its work in 1942, under the name of Military Teaching Mission. Cavalry, horseback riding, and physical education courses were organized at the Headquarters of the 1st Cavalry Division (DC-1).

From March 12, 1947, the Mission was subordinated to the Army Staff (EME) and received the name Brazilian Military Mission for Instruction in Paraguay (MMBIP). As the years went by, adjusting to the current situation, the work developed by the MMBIP expanded, implying changes in its structure to meet the growing demands, particularly of instruction and exercises in the Training, Improvement, Advanced Studies, Physical Education and Parachute Schools.

In its last years of activity, the MMBIP was composed of a colonel (Chief) and a staff of seven senior officers: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Artillery, Engineering, Communications, Intendence and Health advisors. There were also three captains, instructors of Riding, Physical Education and Parachuting, and two non-commissioned officers.

At that time, the Mission had specific assignments in 24 Paraguayan military organizations. On September 2, 1994, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Paraguay renounced the agreement signed in 1948, under the argument that it was necessary to change the philosophy of government in the field of international relations, therefore establishing April 21, 1995 as the date for the end of the activities of the MMBIP.

However, on July 24 of that same year, Brazil and Paraguay signed a new agreement in the military area, which came into effect on October 23, 1996, thus marking the continuity of the work, now under the name of Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay (CMBP). Aligned with DAEBAI, the main objective of the CMBP is to promote scientific, cultural, technological and military cooperation with the Paraguayan Armed Forces, in the search for the consolidation of their structures, as well as to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the Brazilian Army and these institutions. On January 15, 1997, two military technicians started the work.

The strong demand for the participation of the CMBP has driven the increase in the number of Brazilian military personnel. Thus, since 2002, the WBCC has had a chief, eight permanent advisors, being six advisory officers (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineering, Communications, and War Material) and two auxiliary sergeants.

In addition, it coordinates and guides the work of Brazilian instructors and monitors in the various schools of Paraguay’s Military Education System. The members of the Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay provide high-level advice to the major commands, educational establishments, and directorates of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.

Among the issues dealt with by the CMBP, the following stand out: the employment of troops in GLO operations; the doctrine of employment of infantry and mechanized cavalry; the restructuring and rearticulation of field artillery; the employment of combat and construction engineering; the development of the communications and electronic warfare system; and the implementation of the cyberwarfare/defense sector and the structures of major logistics commands.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the CMBP to coordinate the execution of the understandings agreed upon in the Brazil-Paraguay Bilateral Staff Conferences. For example, in the 2021/2022 biennium, it was made possible for 292 Paraguayan military personnel to participate in training exchanges in Brazil.

It is also noteworthy that since the creation of the Military Mission, in 1942, until the year 2022, about 800 Paraguayan military have specialized through courses and internships in military organizations of the Brazilian Army. In order to maintain this exchange, both countries ratified, on May 25, 2021, the continuity of the activities of the CMBP until 2026, extending again the Military Cooperation Agreement between the government of the Republic of Paraguay and the government of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Finally, on completing 80 years since its creation, the CMBP is proud to maintain the most cherished traditions of the MMBIP, having inherited the strong bonds consolidated between friendly nations through fruitful work developed in an environment of full trust, mutual respect, and strong camaraderie.

The military personnel that were part of this history not only fulfilled a noble military mission, but also obtained an opportunity to serve as an important vector for cooperation, integration, and friendship between Brazil and Paraguay.


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About the author:

Cap Murilo Alves Bueno Born on September 26, 1986, in the city of Divinópolis (MG). He joined the Army ranks, on February 19, 2005, at the Army Cadets Preparatory School, in Campinas, São Paulo. He was declared as an officer aspirant of the Communications Weapon on November 28, 2009, being classified in the 6th Battalion of Communications, in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

He was promoted to his current rank on December 25, 2015. He took the Avionics Maintenance Manager Course in 2013 and attended the Officer Improvement School in 2018. He is currently the Communications Advisor of the Brazilian Military Cooperation in Paraguay.

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