Brazilian captains complete German Army Subunit Commander CourseBrazilian captains complete German Army Subunit Commander Course

Dresden (Germany) – Five Brazilian Army officers have completed the International Subunit Commander Course at the German Army Officers’ School. Over the course of four weeks, 18 officers from different countries learned about operational and tactical leadership, with a focus on decision-making in ground combat operations. The course is equivalent to Officer Training, with an emphasis on planning and staff actions.

Conducted entirely in German, the course consisted of instruction contextualized in the historical and current challenges of the German Armed Forces. The officers visited museums and battlefields from the Second World War. In addition, the curriculum included concepts for employing a NATO task force in a multinational division, with high-tech means such as drones, satellite ground observation and nuclear defense. The officers also studied how to maintain civil-military relations in environments affected by armed conflict.

Captains Alfredo Ferreira Bodart, Cristiano Guarany Ferreira, Davi Democris, Everton Antônio Ramos and Vinícius Manoel Arruda do Nascimento took part in the course. These soldiers were selected thanks to the technical and professional knowledge they had accumulated throughout their careers and their proficiency in German. At the end of the course, they were awarded the gold German Sports Medal and the gold Badge for their high performance in the Corps.

As well as the opportunity to strengthen ties with military personnel from different friendly nations, the Brazilians’ participation in the German Army Officers’ School course provided them with access to technical and professional knowledge that will contribute to improving and updating Brazil’s Land Military Doctrine.

Source: Brazilian Military Attaché in Germany

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