Brazilian Army to hold exercise with US Army in jungle environmentBrazilian Army to hold exercise with US Army in jungle environment

Brasília (DF) – Between November 1 and 16, 2023, in the states of Pará and Amapá, the Brazilian Army will carry out Operation CORE 23 (Combined Operation and Rotation Exercise), an exercise with soldiers from the United States Army.

Exercise CORE is the result of a cooperation program signed between Brazil and the United States, which stipulates annual bilateral exercises until 2028. The first edition took place in Brazil in 2021 and the second in Louisiana, USA, in 2022. Through these exercises, troops from the two countries share experiences and exchange knowledge on Defense doctrine, techniques, tactics and procedures, which increases interoperability between the armies and develops military land doctrine.

Around 300 US military personnel will disembark in Belém (PA) on October 31 to begin joint training with the Brazilian Ground Force. The troops of the Northern Military Command will be made up of 1,200 soldiers who, over the course of the year, have undergone various preparatory exercises, including theoretical and practical instruction aimed specifically at the Operation.

CORE 23 will take place in three phases, the first of which will be from November 2 to 4, in Belém, when US Army soldiers will take part in the Jungle Life and Combat Internship, taught by soldiers from the 2nd Jungle Infantry Battalion.

The second phase begins on November 6, in Macapá (AP), with an opening ceremony and then a panel discussion on “Women in the Armed Forces”. The activity consists of a debate that will bring together invited military experts from both countries to address the most relevant points about the entry of women into military careers.

The third and final phase will be the operational exercise in the field, from November 7 to 16, in the municipalities of Ferreira Gomes, Oiapoque and the District of Clevelândia do Norte (AP), where airmobile assault actions will be carried out with Brazilian Army helicopters and operations in a jungle environment. CORE 23’s closing ceremony is scheduled for November 16 in Oiapoque, at the Special Border Company.

As well as demonstrating its operational excellence and capacity for collaboration, the Brazilian Army’s participation in so-called combined exercises – those carried out with foreign armies – also strengthens the country’s military diplomacy. These actions make it possible to build solid relationships and promote mutual trust between the armed forces of different nations. Military diplomacy is a crucial tool for conflict prevention and for building a more secure and stable international community.

In 2023, the Brazilian Army took part in different international combined exercises, strengthening ties with friendly nations and strengthening its position on the global military stage. Operations Fer de Lance, with the French Army; Operation Arandu, with the Argentine Army; and Operation Paraná III, with armies from 13 countries on the American continent, were examples of this engagement. Combined operations represent one of the most effective forms of military training and cooperation between countries, in which armed forces from different nations pool their capabilities and experience to face common challenges.

Source: Army Media Center

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