Brazilian Army receives 30 more M577 A2 armored vehiclesBrazilian Army receives 30 more M577 A2 armored vehicles

Paranaguá (PR) – The Brazilian Army has received 30 more M577 A2 armored vehicles from the US Army. The vehicles were received at the Paranaguá Container Terminal on October 6, under the Foreign Military Sales program. The unloading and transport of the cargo was coordinated by the 5th Military Region Command, which moved the vehicles to the Regional Maintenance Park/5, in Curitiba, where they will be modernized to the standards of the Brazilian Armed Forces.

The M577 A2 armored vehicle is part of the family of armored vehicles derived from the M113, used as a command vehicle in the Brazilian Army’s armored units. Due to its versatility, it can be adapted for other functions, such as ambulance, firing center and communications center. The model is capable of operating on water, as it has a Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine with 212 HP. It is also compatible with the most diverse types of optronic equipment, including night vision equipment.

The M577 A2s are currently used in various armored units of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade and the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade. Since 2016, the Army has received 206 armored vehicles through the Port of Paranaguá.

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