Brazilian Army donates 21 armored vehicles to the Uruguayan ArmyBrazilian Army donates 21 armored vehicles to the Uruguayan Army

On December 7th, the Brazilian Army will deliver 21 armored vehicles to the Uruguayan Army. They are ten Armored Self-propelled Combat Vehicles M-108 (ASPCV) and 11 Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicles (VBTP) EE-11 Urutu.

These armored vehicles, which are no longer being used by the Brazilian Army, will be donated in their current state of conservation and come from seven Military Organizations from Rio Grande do Sul.

All the vehicles are already at the 7th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment (7th RC Mec), in Sant’Ana do Livramento, where the delivery will take place.

The ceremony will be attended by the Military Commander of the South, Army General Fernando Jose Sant’Ana Soares e Silva, and the Commander of the National Army of Uruguay, Army General Gerardo Fregossi.

The donation of armored vehicles by the Brazilian Army to the Uruguayan Army was approved by the Executive Branch due to an agreement between the two countries (Law 14.449/22, published in the Official Gazette of the Union of September 15, 2022). In 2018, the Brazilian Army donated 25 M41 armored fighting vehicles to the Uruguayan Army.

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