Brazilian and US delegation inspects facilities for Operation CORE 23Brazilian and US delegation inspects facilities for Operation CORE 23

A delegation from the U.S. Army was in the units of the Northern Military Command, between May 15 and 19, for another stage of preparation for Operation CORE 23 (Combined Operation and Rotation Exercise). This time, military personnel from both armies verified aspects related to the health and well-being of the troops that will participate in the exercise. This year, the combined exercise will take place for the first time in Amazonian territory, during the months of October and November.

The committee, composed of American and Brazilian Army personnel from the Logistics Command (COLOG) and the 8th Military Region, assessed the conditions of the structures, equipment, supplies, and procedures related to health and food. The inspection aims to meet the sanitary legislation in force, ensuring food safety for the troops and the optimization of resources.

In Belém, the supply structures of the 2nd Jungle Infantry Battalion and the 2nd Supply Company of the 8th Supply Depot were evaluated. In the garrisons of Macapá and Oiapoque, the delegation reconnoitered the installations of the Special Border Company of Clevelândia do Norte and the 34th Jungle Infantry Battalion. The delegation’s agenda also included a visit to the Cellier food factory in São Paulo.


Operation CORE 23 will bring together military personnel from the Brazilian Army and the United States Army for combined training in the garrisons of Belém, Macapá, Oiapoque and the District of Clevelândia do Norte. The troops from both countries will share experiences and exchange knowledge about doctrine and defense techniques, tactics and procedures, aiming to maintain the historical ties between the countries and increase the integration and cooperation between the two armies.

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