Brazil participates in Operation MARE LIBERUM IIBrazil participates in Operation MARE LIBERUM II

Combined Task Force 151 acts in the Gulf of Aden and in the Somali Basin, in the Middle East, to guarantee free navigation

By First-Lieutenant (RM2-T) Tássia Camila Navarro dos Santos – Brasília, DF

The repression of piracy in the area between the Gulf of Aden and the Somali coast, in the Middle East, will be intensified with the Focused Operations MARE LIBERUM II, which takes place from October 23 to 29. The combined operation is planned and conducted by the Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151), which is currently commanded by the Brazilian Navy (MB).

The objective is to intensify, for a limited period, the presence of naval and air means and the exchange of information with maritime organizations from several countries to guarantee free navigation and the maintenance of the maritime commercial flow in the region.

The operation is one of the activities conducted by CTF 151, and the Brazilian participation consists of planning and conducting the operation. In all, 12 Brazilian military personnel are participating in Focused Operations MARE LIBERUM II, besides those from Canada; Djibouti; United States of America; Japan; Oman; Pakistan; United Kingdom; Republic of Korea; Seychelles; Turkey; and Yemen. In addition to these countries, the Maritime Operations Centers operating in the region are contributing to the operation, as well as TF 465, belonging to EUNAVFOR, the European Union Naval Force that also conducts military operations off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean.

According to the Commander of CTF 151, Rear Admiral Nelson de Oliveira Leite, although the operation is short, its effects are long-lasting and aim to discourage potential initiatives of piracy actions, strengthen cooperation with various organizations operating in the region and intensify the collection of intelligence information that will help identify local patterns of behavior.

“Our intention is to assure the maritime industry of the international community’s commitment to the repression of piracy, while warning them that, although suppressed, this threat is not eradicated, and the maintenance of good security practices is still fundamental, besides developing a proof of concept, integrating unmanned units to an operation against piracy,” highlights Admiral Nelson Leite.

The operation started to be planned in August of this year. During these two months internal meetings were held within the General Staff and multilateral ones, with the participation of members of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and representatives of the participating countries. In addition, the Commander of the CTF 151 acted in the negotiation of support and leader engagement activities with regional navy commanders and heads of organizations.

Operation area outlined in green

Brazilian participation in the CTF 151

The MB’s participation in the CMF began in 2013, with the appointment of an observer on its General Staff, and gained relevance over time. In June 2021, the MB assumed for the first time the Command of the CTF 151, with Rear Admiral André Luiz de Andrade Felix. Currently, the Navy is commanding this Force for the second time, which will run from August 2022 to February 2023.

“Currently, the West African coast, in particular the region known as the Gulf of Guinea, is one of the main access points for piracy and armed robbery in the world. The Brazilian Navy has been engaged in helping to train and prepare the navies and coast guards of the region in the repression of these threats and, therefore, the knowledge acquired will allow the improvement of this training,” emphasizes Admiral Nelson Leite.

What is the Combined Task Force 151?

The CTF 151 is a multinational Task Force that conducts operations to deter, disrupt and repress piracy in the Horn of Africa region. Created in 2009, the CTF 151 is subordinate to the CMF, an organization that today brings together 38 countries, united voluntarily to prevent the illegal use of the sea by non-state actors.

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