BR Aviation inaugurates the first Aircraft Supply Park (PAA) in Fernando de NoronhaBR Aviation inaugurates the first Aircraft Supply Park (PAA) in Fernando de Noronha

New point will allow airlines to refuel on the island, increasing the flexibility of flights to the tourist point

As of November 22, 2022, the Fernando de Noronha Airport (PE) will have a new, remodeled Aircraft Supply Park (PAA). The airport, the only one on the island, which is now operated by BR Aviation in partnership with the reseller Revise Aviation, has a capacity for 105,000 liters of aviation kerosene.

The largest distributor of aviation fuels in Brazil, BR Aviation – a brand licensed to Vibra Energia by Petrobras – is present in about 90 airports throughout Brazil. Revise Aviation, meanwhile, is a company based in Natal (RN) and was responsible for building the island’s Aircraft Refueling Station.

The possibility of refueling at the airport increases operational flexibility for airlines that fly there, allowing them to refuel their aircraft between flights. In the case of Noronha, it will also enable aircraft to make longer and more direct flights to the island, since refueling will be guaranteed on site, a practice that did not occur previously, forcing many flights to stopover at airports on the Northeast coast.

Besides the operational gain with a greater capacity to refuel, the arrival of a new PAA also increases the strength of tourism in one of the main destinations in the country. The prospect is that with the new service, it will be possible to increase the monthly movement of aircraft at Noronha airport by 30%.

The service in Noronha will be provided with maximum efficiency, punctuality and excellence in service, following the strictest safety and environmental protection standards.

“We are very happy with our arrival in one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. The new Aircraft Supply Park (PAA) will be an inducer for growth and development for Fernando de Noronha. Our main goal is to serve all users with greater safety and comfort,” says Rodrigo Mota, Vibra’s aviation director.

In addition, a cooperation agreement will be signed between Vibra and DIX, to identify opportunities for sustainable fuel, renewable power generation, energy efficiency, among other potential services and products, in the enterprises managed by DIX and AGEMAR throughout the country, including Fernando de Noronha Airport. DIX Aeroportos operates in the administration, maintenance management and operation of 20 regional airports.

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