Jaguar Squadron performs unprecedented air resupply to Army troops in RoraimaJaguar Squadron performs unprecedented air resupply to Army troops in Roraima

In the operation, FAB has launched a 2,000-kilogram cargo using new operational capacity for the crews of the C-105 Amazonas

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Flávia Rocha and Major Oliveira Lima

The First Squadron of the 15th Aviation Group (1°/15° GAV) – Jaguar Squadron, based at Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), in Mato Grosso do Sul, carried out, this Friday (25), the first real Airborne Resupply Action performed by the C-105 Amazonas.

The destination was the Brazilian Army’s Fourth Special Border Platoon (4th PEF), located in the Surucucu airfield, in the city of Alto Alegre, Roraima. Two thousand kilos of food and supplies have already been dropped off.

The operations in Surucucu will continue until Monday (11/28), when it is estimated that more than 6000 kilos of supplies will be delivered to the military troops based there. “Through this support, we will be able to maintain our border security and surveillance activities, safeguarding national interests and contributing to the guarantee of national sovereignty,” said the commander of the Fourth Special Border Platoon, Lieutenant Tanaka.

The Commander of the 1st/15th Aviation Group, Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Tito Livio Lucio Alencar de Andrade, said he hopes to reach the end of the last day with the objective completely fulfilled. “The actual employment with efficiency, safety, and precision is nothing more than the result of a lot of training and a faithful compliance with the established tactics, techniques, and procedures, and only proves the high degree of readiness and training of the teams involved,” stated the Officer.

Aviator Captain Renê Luiz Pereira da Costa, commander of the aircraft, says he feels honored to be part of the mission. “The crew had the opportunity to use all the operational and technical knowledge acquired in the Operational Assessment (AVAOP) and apply the newly acquired employment capabilities of the C-105,” he celebrated.

“As a Brazilian, I am proud to be able to collaborate with the Army’s continued presence on the borders of our land,” added Lieutenant Aviator Isaac Luiz Matias de Santana, from the Onça Squadron.

Optimized operational techniques for cargo launching

In July 2022, the Operational Applications Institute (IAOp) conducted at the Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), in Mato Grosso do Sul, the Operational Assessment (AVAOP) of the electronic launching system of the C-105 Amazonas project, with the objective of developing optimized operational techniques for the launching of Heavy payloads and CDS (Container Delivery System), as well as determining the ballistic parameters of the T-10 parachute for use in the system.

As a result of this AVAOP, led by the Preparatory Command (COMPREP) and with the synergic work of the Campo Grande Air Base, the Institute of Operational Applications (IAOp) and the 1st/15th GAV, a new operational employment capability was implemented for the crews of the C-105 Amazonas.

According to Captain Engineer Dymitri Cardoso Leão, AVAOP Instructor, the operational assessment of the Computed Air Release Point (CARP) of the Flight Management System (FMS) of the C-105 aircraft, the first one performed with the 1/15th GAV, was of utmost importance to improve the IAOp’s knowledge on cargo launch doctrine. “This evaluation allowed the development of optimized techniques that proved to be robust and capable of increasing the accuracy and precision of the systematic launching of cargo, in order to greatly contribute to the accomplishment of aerial resupply missions in an effective way”, he emphasized.

From the positive result of this evaluation, and once the recommendations established by the IAOP were implemented, the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), activated the Jaguar Squadron, with the objective of carrying out the Air Resupply Action in the area of the 4th Special Border Platoon.

Considering the complexity of the operation, several Military Organizations were involved in the planning and execution. The First Squadron of the Ninth Aviation Group (1º/9th GAV) – Arara Squadron, an operator in the region, was represented by a pilot, Captain Marcus Vinicius Fernandes Portal da Silva, with the objective of orienting and sharing his experience in the Amazon region.

The Campo Grande Air Base participated with all the logistical material needed for the air launch, and with military personnel, who were led by Air Lieutenant Gabriel Ramirez Pina, in the parachute folding and cargo assembly teams, reinforced by the support of military personnel from the 3rd Special Forces Company and the 4th Special Border Platoon (PEF) of the Brazilian Army. The Boa Vista Air Base (BABV), the location that hosted the cargo preparation activities, participated with a C-98 Caravan and provided all the operational support for the operations.

Photos: 1°/15° GAV – Jaguar Squadron *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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