Atech, an Embraer Group company, will take part in the World ATM Congress 2022, one of the most important international events in the air navigation industry, to be held from June 21 to 23 in Madrid, Spain. At stand 359, the company will present the complete Makron family portfolio, with solutions for airspace management and control.

The systems developed by Atech are integrated and modular and meet the demands of air navigation service providers (ANSP), military aviation, airport operations and airlines. During WATM 2022, the company will also show its technological advances in the area of Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM).

Atech is responsible for developing the Brazilian Air Traffic Management System, in partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). SAGITARIO (Advanced Air Traffic Information Management System and Report of Operational Interest) controls the air space, acting in an integrated manner with SIGMA (Integrated System of Air Traffic Management), which intelligently optimizes the flow of flights and the installed capacity of airways and airports.

The CPV (Centralization of Flight Plans) system, the most recent one implemented by Atech in Brazil, is responsible for centralizing flight plan information in the country. It operates fully integrated with SIGMA and SAGITARIO.

Atech also has a strong presence in the international market, with its technologies and systems present in Latin American, African and Indian countries. An example of this international presence are the systems Skyflow (ATFM) and Leo (IFPS) implemented in India, both developed to meet the demands of the Indian scenario, and aligned with the standards of Eurocontrol.

“All the systems developed by Atech are modular and integrated. They can be customized according to the client’s needs and to the standards used in each country, in all stages of the air navigation management and control processes,” said Marcos Resende, Atech’s ATM Business Director.

For countries seeking their own airspace management system, with reduced operating costs, they have as an alternative the cloud-based solutions developed by Atech, which can also be customized to meet the specifics of each country.

The company also provides comprehensive support services for its products, including training programs on the deployed systems or in its own technical lab.

Visitors to WATM 2022 will be able to learn a little more about Atech’s products and its vision of the future in a presentation to be held by the company at the Spot Light Stage theater on the first day of the Congress, 6/21/22, from 5:40pm to 6pm local time, with the theme: ATM 2030 – The next decade starts now.

Get to know the products of Atech’s Makron Family:

ATC SAGITARIO: set of operational tools for visualization and decision support. It provides broad situational awareness to flight controllers.

IFPS LEO: centralizes the reception and distribution of flight plans, associating them to messages in a systematic and syntactic manner. It optimizes the time and validation of ANSP rules.

ATFM SKYFLOW: Integrates data from airlines, airports and control agencies, allowing for the control and balance of flight demands with the operational capacity of airspace and airports.

eFPL JANUS: Mobile application that allows flight plans to be sent in a practical and safe way.

ATC PLATAO: simulator for training, qualification and recycling of air traffic controllers. It creates complex scenarios, including with more than one control center at the same time.

AURA OPMET: shares meteorological information in digital format, according to the SWIM (System Wide Information Management) model, and to international protocols.

AFIS COSMOS: provides improved situational awareness to aerodrome operators, and has remote operation capability, R-AFIS (Remote Aerodrome Flight Information).

SWIM AQUILA: Enables the real-time exchange of flight plan data, aeronautical and meteorological information between countries, according to international protocols.

AMHS CYGNUS: cluster solution responsible for the reception, processing, storage and exchange of aeronautical messages, both in civil and military aviation.

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