ARASTELLE presents at Eurosatory its innovative concept of wired power supply for micro-
UAVs, integrated by its partner ARQUUS on a VAB MK 3 vehicle.

This innovative solution developed by ARASTELLE and integrated by ARQUUS allows the drone
to remain in flight for as long as desired up to an altitude of 100m, reinforcing the surveillance
and observation capacity by day and night. This solution offers higher performance than a
mast, with a much smaller footprint, while providing additional tactical options for the UAVs

This compact system, which can be integrated into all types of new or retrofitted vehicles, will
provide ground resources with an aerial capability and enable a micro-UAV to be deployed in
15 seconds with an automated take-off and landing procedure.

ARASTELLE’s wireline power systems are dedicated to the micro-UAV class and offer the ability
to convert an existing micro-UAV for captive flight without modification or alteration. With
this additional function, operators can exploit the capabilities of their micro-UAVs without any
autonomy limit, and benefit from a continuous observation solution at lower cost.

This solution is particularly relevant in the context of surveillance of a forward operational
base or a long-term reconnaissance mission.

The ARASTELLE solution is adapted to the ANAFI USA micro-UAV from the French PARROT
group, which already equips the French armed forces and many other governmental
organisations and security forces.

The ARASTELLE solution completes the set of systems integrated on the ARQUUS VAB MK3,
providing it with a vision capability beyond direct sight.

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