Atech highlights its cybersecurity expertise in Exercise Cyber Guardian 5.0Atech highlights its cybersecurity expertise in Exercise Cyber Guardian 5.0

Atech participates for the third consecutive year in the largest cyber defense exercise in the southern hemisphere

Atech, an Embraer Group company, is participating for the third consecutive year in Exercise Cyber Guardian (EGC), one of the largest cyber defense training events in the southern hemisphere, which will take place from October 2 to 6 in Brasília, Federal District.

Organized by the Cyber Defence Command (ComDCiber) of the Brazilian Armed Forces, the EGC represents an important milestone in demonstrating Atech’s capacity in this segment of great relevance to national security. The company brings to the Cyber Guardian its “Air Defense System – SDA”, a solution that simulates airspace monitoring, recreating an environment with military characteristics, where “vulnerabilities” are inserted to be exploited by attackers (Red Team) and mitigated by defenders (Blue Team).

One of the main features of the EGC is its emphasis on cooperation between the different segments that operate critical infrastructures. During the exercise, challenges known as “Simulated Cyber Problems” (SCP) are presented, which often affect more than one critical infrastructure. The solutions presented by the participating teams are thoroughly analyzed, providing a unique opportunity to improve cyber resilience in complex and multifaceted scenarios.

One notable application of SDA at the EGC involves providing inconsistent information regarding the air traffic scenario resulting from a cyber attack. This inaccurate information challenges participating teams to deal with the consequences of a cyber attack in real time, demonstrating the crucial importance of preparedness and readiness in combating cyber threats in complex scenarios.

Atech is committed to increasingly improving its cyber defense and information security capabilities. “Participating in Exercise Cyber Guardian strengthens Atech’s premise of supporting the Brazilian Armed Forces in protecting critical infrastructures and defending the country against cyber threats that are constantly evolving,” says Giacomo Staniscia, Atech’s Business Director – Defense and Security.

Earlier this year, Atech took part in Locked Shields 2023, one of the largest and most complex international cyber defense exercises in the world, held in Estonia, highlighting its expertise in this segment.

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