On this very first day of Eurosatory, Arquus and Michelin officially signed a partnership to collaborate on research and development matters of common interest for both companies. European leader of land protected mobility, Arquus is very pleased to officialize this agreement with Michelin, the global leader of tyres. The two companies have already collaborated on an ad hoc basis on mobility solutions, but this signing represents a major step forward for future developments.

Among the subjects envisioned, adaptive mobility is a major subject. Michelin has notably developed anti-puncture solutions such as the Twee airless tyre and remote inflation systems. Originally designed for construction sites or the agricultural sector, these technologies are extremely relevant in the defense sector.

Predictive maintenance is also a subject of interest for both teams of Michelin and Arquus, due to the very long life cycle of military vehicles, up to and above forty years in several cases. This topic has also to be studied from an environmental perspective, to reduce the footprint of each vehicle and each tyre as much as possible.

Mobility is at the heart of Arquus’ priorities, whether for troop transport, reconnaissance, or combat. Vehicle adhesion is of utmost importance, especially on demanding slopes or inclined planes where military vehicles are regularly tested, right down to the tyres which play a major role in vehicle mobility.

This new partnership between Arquus and Michelin joins Arquus requests of excellence and French expertise. This partnership is also in line with Arquus’ origins, which are partly in the civilian automotive industry. Member of the AB Volvo Group, Arquus already adapts dual components to the demanding needs of the armies.

Emmanuel Levacher, President, Arquus, and Florent Menegaux, Chief Executive Officer, Michelin, at Eurosatory 2022

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