ABIMDE and Camex discuss financing and guarantees for the Defense Industry in BrazilABIMDE and Camex discuss financing and guarantees for the Defense Industry in Brazil

ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Industries) participated in an audience with Camex (Chamber of Foreign Trade) last Tuesday afternoon (18), in Brasilia. The meeting had as its agenda “Specific needs related to financing for the Defense and Security Industrial Base (BIDS)”. For Camex, the audience was attended by the Executive Secretary, Ana Paula Repezza, the Deputy Executive Secretary, Leonardo Diniz Lahud, and the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Financing, Lázaro Coelho de Deus Lima.

The Defense and Security Industrial Base (BIDS) was represented by ABIMDE, represented by the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Roberto Gallo, and by the Executive President, General Aderico Mattioli, and the Associates Akaer, Avibras, Embraer and Mac Jee, represented, respectively, by Aldo da Silva Júnior (Vice President of Business and Marketing), Rodrigo Rosa (Vice President of Finance), José Serrador (Vice President of Institutional Relations) and Alessandra Stefani (CEO).

Camex is the agency of the Ministry of Economy responsible for coordinating discussions and deliberations related to foreign trade, with the aim of promoting increased productivity and competitiveness of Brazilian companies in the international market. Among its attributions are to implement and coordinate policies and activities related to attracting foreign direct investment, Brazilian investments abroad, tariff issues, and export financing.

“We recognize the great effort of the Ministry of Economy and, even though the situation is not ideal, there are evolutions. The talks were very promising and new meetings will be held, with the support of ABIMDE, to move forward even more,” said Dr. Gallo. Camex, ABIMDE and the Associates committed themselves to analyze the current situation and propose measures to promote improvements in the financing and guarantee processes, aiming to meet the growing demand for defense and security products exports.

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