Taurus identifies new business opportunities in the Defense and Security sector in IndiaTaurus identifies new business opportunities in the Defense and Security sector in India

Taurus Armas’ commercial team was in India and met with various authorities from the police and military market in the country in a round of negotiations, technical discussions and presentations on its technology, products and the newest production plant in India, built in partnership with Jindal Defence.

Besides the ongoing negotiations for the Indian Armed Forces bidding that foresees the supply of more than 400 thousand rifles, through these rounds/meetings with the main state police forces and paramilitary forces from several regions of India that are under the command of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), it was possible for the company to identify specific smaller projects for the acquisition of weapons that represent strategic opportunities for the supply of products dedicated to the needs of these forces, such as border management, special operations, urban and institutional security, among others.

The initial demand of these small contracts and identified opportunities add up to a short-medium term quantity of more than 100 thousand weapons, especially 9mm caliber pistols, submachine guns and rifles. This number can still increase as the Indian government releases funds for state purchases.

Taurus’ highly regarded line of TSeries weapons, including the TS9 and TH9 pistols, the SMT9 submachine gun and the various versions of the T4 rifle, have characteristics and performance aligned with the region’s demands, in addition to the advantage of Taurus having an industrial plant and team in India, which puts it ahead of the world’s main competitors that do not have a presence in the country.

“Taurus’ commercial team is active and focused on opening these opportunities. These smaller bids, in addition to reinforcing Taurus’ presence and solidification in the Indian Defense and Security market, are strategic because due to their characteristics they tend to have a smaller number of companies competing and can result in contracts with potentially higher profitability and margins in relation to large bids,” says Salesio Nuhs, Taurus’ Global CEO.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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