VI COMAR delegation visits the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV)VI COMAR delegation visits the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV)default

The objective was to learn more about the FAB Military Organization, located in Serra do Cachimbo, Novo Progresso, Pará, and the needs of the personnel.

COMAR, by Lieutenant Roberta

Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV) received a delegation with 12 military personnel from the Sixth Regional Air Command (VI COMAR), from the Brasilia Air Force Hospital (HFAB) and from the Brasilia Air Force Infrastructure Detachment (DTINFRA-BR).

Aiming to learn more about the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV) located in Serra do Cachimbo, in Novo Progresso, Pará and the needs of the personnel, the Commander of VI COMAR, Air Major Brigadier Jefferson Cesar Darolt, was in the unit, accompanied by 11 other military from different areas, including health, engineering and legal.

“COMAR came to learn more about its subordinate Unit and see the specifics of this important Military Organization of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). When we visited the Unit, we were able to identify and understand the real needs and the priorities that we must establish as the CPBV’s High Command,” explained Major Brigadier Darolt.

On the first day of the visit, CPBV Director, Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigo Gonçalves Stief presented the Unit to the visitors and made some remarks about the needs for improvements of the Field, which plays an important role in FAB.

“Today the Field provides support to the aircraft that are in transit from the southeast region to the north region, and also for training, qualifying pilots and checking the capabilities of our aircraft. So, it is a support unit, but with a very operational profile, because it contributes to the preparation of the pilots and gives us this condition of being able to reaffirm whether we are ready or not for when we need it,” said Lieutenant Colonel Stief.

During the two days, the delegation visited the main sectors for an evaluation of the improvements that can be made in the unit.

About CPBV

The CPBV is the largest military organization in Brazil, in territorial extension, with an area of more than two million hectares, which corresponds, approximately, to the size of the state of Sergipe. Besides the mission to support and train, another responsibility assigned to CPBV is the preservation of its patrimonial area, which provides for the repression against invasions and consequent environmental illicit activities of all kinds. Land grabbing, illegal mining, and the criminal extraction of precious woods are just a few examples.

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