VI COMAR delegation visits the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV)VI COMAR delegation visits the Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground (CPBV)

Event held at the Brasilia Air Base was presided over by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Letícia Faria

A military ceremony honored, this Monday (12/12), those who defend, on the ground, the dominion of the air. Held at the Brasilia Air Base (BABR), the ceremony celebrated the Air Force Infantry Day, which is remembered on December 11. The event was presided over by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, and was attended by General Officers of the Air Force High Command; other General Officers; Chiefs, Directors and Commanders of Military Organizations, among other invited authorities, both civilian and military, active and retired.

During the reading of the Order of the Day alluding to the date, the Preparatory Commander, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Sergio Roberto de Almeida, highlighted the commemorative date, as well as the developments and achievements for the Brazilian Air Force. “Noble Infantrymen, from yesterday and today: I would like to congratulate you for the 81 years celebrated this December 11, highlighting all your dedication and courage in the land operations of our Force. Your work is fundamental for us to fulfill our mission of maintaining the sovereignty of the airspace and integrating the national territory. Congratulations to the Air Force Infantry!”, highlighted the General Officer.

The Chief of the Sub-head of Security and Defense of the Preparatory Command (COMPREP), Infantry Brigadier José Roberto de Queiroz Oliveira, completes 40 years in the Air Force and highlights the honor of being part of the Institution. “I joined in 1982 and it is a great challenge, and I intend to contribute even more and not undervalue the legacy created by the other General Officers who have been here”, he highlights. 

For the military parade, the troop was composed by the Scouts Group of the Brasília Security and Defense Group (GSD); by the FAB Symphonic Orchestra Music Band; by the Troop Commander, Infantry Colonel Gilson Resende Floriano Júnior and his Staff; The National Flag and its guard; the Historical Flags Group; the Santos-Dumont Ceremonial Group; the Aeronautics Police Group; the Disturbance Control Operation Group; and the Surface Self-Defense Representation Group. In addition, an Infantry fraction was formed consisting of Infantry Officers and Graduates.

The Chief of the Officers Division of the Promotion Secretariat (SECPROM) and Troop Commander at the graduation, Infantry Colonel Floriano, highlighted the importance in celebrating 81 years of Infantry. “This cadre is present in the FAB and it ensures smooth takeoffs and landings, whether in combat or in preparation. As an Infantry Officer, in these 27 years, I have seen a lot of evolution and we have several specialties,” he adds.

The Adjutant of the Security Squadron of the BABR’s Security and Defense Group (GSD) facilities, Infantry Lieutenant Alessandro Anello, also commented on the date. “Remembering December 11 is to celebrate this important day as a summary of all the activities we carry out during the year and reflect on all our missions,” he added. 

Sergeant Douglas Riboura da Cunha, on the other hand, who is part of the Brasilia GSD, talked about participating in the graduation. “Unparalleled opportunity to represent our values, our doctrines, and the employment of the troop. The importance of being here is, also, to defend the Homeland, a dream of many of us who are here, like for me, which was a child’s dream. 

Air Force Infantry Day

The creation of the Aeronautics Infantry Day goes back to the formation of the first six infantry companies on December 11, 1941. With the motto “defending on the ground the dominion of the air”, the Infantry is responsible for a series of combat missions, from the defense of national facilities to operations to ensure law and order.

It has in its ranks combatants with the highest operational qualifications, special forces soldiers, and members trained for anti-aircraft defense. Therefore, it is conditioned to the highest degree of readiness, in order to act in the entire range of military operations, employing its resources in the right dimension, in the right place, and at the right time. In this way, it participates tirelessly in defense, control, and national integration activities in response to the demands of the Air Force.

Photos: Sergeant Figueira / CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Lucas and Sergeant André Souza / CECOMSAER
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