The "Esperança do Pantanal" ship promotes the first social-civic action of the year

Initiative strengthens maritime mentality in riverside communities of the region

By First-Lieutenant (RM2-T) Melina Aita Isquierdo – Ladário, MS

With the mission of bringing knowledge to the riverine populations of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, the Floating School Agency “Hope of the Pantanal” held, from February 26 to March 10, the first commission of the year. The vessel, subordinated to the Fluvial Captaincy of the Pantanal, traveled, during 13 days, 1,040 km on the South Branch of the Paraguay River, from Ladário to Porto Murtinho (MS).

Along the way, civic-social actions were carried out, as well as inspection of the waterway traffic and professional maritime education. The purpose was to promote a maritime mentality among the residents and sailors of the south-mato-grossense region, thus strengthening the safety of navigation, the safeguarding of human life, and the prevention of water pollution.

Due to the beginning of the fishing season, when the flow of vessels increases, on March 2nd, a recycling lecture was given to the watermen of the Porto Murtinho region. The activity was presented by the Porto Murtinho Fluvial Agent, Captain-Tenant Auxiliary of the Navy Fabiano Gonçalves Crespo, who explained the role of the Brazilian Navy (MB), the main types of fines, the commandments of Navigation Safety, and the impacts of irregular waste disposal.

“Every time I recycle, I learn something new and remember the importance of items that we use on a daily basis, through examples, reports, and images. It is interesting to participate in the lecture, those who are starting learn and those who already work in the area remember”, reported the waterman Dario Ramires, commander of a tourism vessel.

The ship, which has been undergoing general maintenance for four years, is headed by Petty Officer (Engines) Wellington Carvalho Silva. The military has served for 26 years in the Force and highlighted the importance of holding the lecture in places far from major centers. “Taking the mentality of navigation safety to the riverside population is very important, because we can avoid accidents and thus save many lives.

Civic-Social Action

In addition to the actions focused on Navigation Safety, “Esperança do Pantanal” held on February 27 and March 9, donations to residents of the regions of Porto Morrinho and Albuquerque, 70 and 50 km from Corumbá (MS), respectively. In total, 115 riverside families received kits of new clothes, donated by the Internal Revenue Service. 

The President of the Residents Association of the District of Albuquerque, Odila Maria Silveira Gonçalves, thanked for the donations and highlighted the relationship of the local population with the MB. “We received the visit and the donations with great affection. We are about 1,500 residents, most of us working in the fishing and tourism areas, and, for this reason, we need the MB to get our driver’s license, to know the rules of navigation, and to offer a quality service to the tourists who visit us,” she explained. 

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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